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  1. Third Update! So for those interested, I have stopped chasing the comp cape simply because I know I would never finish the pking/wildy tasks/achievements, therefore I have diverted all my efforts to 2B, now with that being said, I have also been busy with other things and haven't been giving it my all but I am still slowly working my way through it Achieved Heron through fishing at 240M EXP +280M Prayer EXP +81.5M Magic EXP +81.5M Mining EXP +41M Smithing EXP +177M Fishing EXP +50M Woodcutting EXP +10M Farming EXP +30M Herblore EXP +27M Fletching EXP +51.5M Constr
  2. Thanks guys, might never complete comp cape due to the wildy/pk achievements that I am complete trash at, focusing mostly on 2b xp rn
  3. Thanks man, appreciate the support!
  4. damn thats massive lmao, Gratz on that bank dude!
  5. Archen


    i know but its so much pain cleaning each herb alone T_T
  6. Archen


    68M Herblore EXP on main = no pet Level 63 Herblore on alt = pet why ._.
  7. Ouchhh, that hurts fr :c
  8. Second Update! +96M Prayer EXP +133M Firemaking EXP +18M Crafting EXP +38M Fishing EXP +55M Cooking EXP +52M Runecrafting EXP +188M Thieving EXP +9M Construction EXP Completed Achievements : Burn 2500 logs Craft 1000 Diamond Gems Fish 2000 Rocktails Cook 1000 Rocktails Runecraft 8000 Blood Runes Steal 5000 Scimitars Currently Working on : Mine 2000 Runite Ores Smelt 1000 Rune Bars Harvest 1000 Torstols + Certain Skill EXP's
  9. Archen


    Hello fellow NR'ers, I am here to "complain" about mining as a skill, its an incredibly painful skill the way it is now, the rune takes forever to mine, and the xp is meh compared to how much effort it takes, I think a good balance would be make it so rune ores give more than 1, similar to magic trees and also increase the xp on the star? Appreciate any support/against comments on this
  10. Like I don't know if this is me, but something is wrong with the accuracy of weapons, like no shot I used a ghrazi rapier, CLS, ags, Elder Maul, for a solid 5 mins in FFA, and got 0's, in those 5 minutes I did a total of 50 damage maybe, using 5 different weapons, I've also noticed in PVM, unless I'm boosted until I have near god-like stats, my whips can go 15 0's in a row, its really frustrating
  11. Gratz! 3k PC seems like a long way, Best of Luck!
  12. First Update! Achieved 2B EXP in Strength +31M Prayer EXP Completed Achievements : Cut 5000 Magic Logs Catch 100 Kingly Imps Cut an Onyx Stone Fletch 5000 Rune Arrows

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