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  1. 100 Post count

    lmfaooooo true tho true
  2. Suggestion: Audio & rewards for achievement

    + for both except I think the prizes should be different for the achievements, maybe a point system with a shop etc, or money prizes, but yes definitely especially for the hard and elite coz those are a hell of a grind
  3. So who's here from before 2015?

    right here, also played old nr
  4. Moving Forward

    Thank you for this update!
  5. Same mistakes that killed the server

    half the killstreaks were from killing ppl who did agil course lmfao
  6. So you want RDI

    very well organized, good job *clap* *clap*
  7. Lime accuracy?

    is it me or is the lime accuracy absolute ass? I'm hitting 0's and this guy next to me with an abby whip is going 33, 34, 36
  8. Hi

    oh no, welcome back
  9. There's a first for everything

    damn thats crazy xD, congratz dude
  10. Current bank :)

    Some progress, might host a giveaway soon!
  11. man i miss old nr

    Damn thats nuts, work for it again
  12. ..

    Funny dude, good luck on ur max cape, enjoyed the vid!
  13. Buying Drop Rate Pin for NRGP

    1.7b cash
  14. Current bank :)

    (had just lost 2b :c, currently at around 21b, depending on market prices) (also I am buying a drop rate pin, bandos, and lamps, pm me! <3)
  15. Buying Drop Rate Pin for NRGP

    in-game name : Archen pm me on forums or in-game, price is negotiable!

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