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    second one ._.
  2. Hello Everyone!!! Creating this thread just to get the general player base's opinion on the economy, we all know the player count has been on a decline, and I've noticed the market and economy are just veryyyyy stale. What does this mean? Well I've spent hours and hours trying to sell the same 3-5 pieces of equipment, and not only did they not sell, but people weren't even interested. Now I'm no economics major, but anyone would see there is something wrong. Now this is a discussion thread, just for the talks and no need to points fingers. But I feel like those that had a lot
  3. Archen


    bro if u dont get out of here with ur amens, i got enough amens from u
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    pain bro pain
  5. Archen


    Hello darkness my old friend
  6. tru but the thing is im not even mad if i lost, im just annoyed at how u can hit so many 0's with stats like that, some guy against me just specced like 0 0, 0 1, 0 something, the poor guy lol, like it just doesnt make sense imo, then 1 round we are both speccing 18 17, 16 13 etc
  7. can i just know if im the only one getting raw dogged by the hit accuracy of this game? im in duel staking and i can spec a 0 0, i just staked and used all 4 of my specs, and the guy against me used 2 specs and was already beating me, im out here hitting 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 and he is going 5 6 13 5 8 9 4 0, just baffles me how u can hit so many 0's on someone with literally 0 defence bonus, with a weapon that in my opinion has an okay attack bonus and a pretty decent strength bonus, ive also noticed this in ffa, i can have 120+ str bonus, 100+ attack bonus, and the guy could be wearing like he
  8. maybe but, i think this way all would benefit without the need to alternate, otherwise eu would complain on na weekend and na on eu weekend
  9. great idea, just ditch life and work/study, how come no one thought of this xd
  10. im talking about the weekend multiplier, vote one is completely different
  11. Hello, I am making this post as a 2B cape grinder because currently in EU timezone, double xp starts at like 3am friday? or Saturday but like the friday night, and ends on 3pm'ish monday, so as eu players we lose almost a whole day because you have two halves of double xp days in the nights, would it be possible to shift it to start 10pm eu friday so 2pm NA, and end 2am NA or like 10 AM monday for eu, that way everyone gets all the time they need to grind during the weekend, a lot of people have work/college/school on monday, so no one generally stays up late on sundays, and then friday we don
  12. Hahahaha no worries, my moment of tilt is behind me, I won't be quitting, put in too much effort to quit now, might as well finish first :p, thanks for the kind words brudda

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