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  1. Hi everyone. I've seen posts from people with frustrations from the donations they've provided only to feel neglected and watch this server perish with no real solution in sight. The lack of communication from the creative/communication teams is appalling, and the fact that there was only ONE ACTIVE PLAYER, (after I just now signed in for the first time in months), is utterly astonishing. So, at this point, what is the end game? There's hardly any communication whatsoever, no estimated timeline, no insight/discussion of ad spend. AND with recent changes coming to OSRS (no duel arena
  2. Hey bud - long time no see.
  3. And this is super helpful feedback. It's the unfortunate 'reality' of this game. Solid response and this is what I figured would have been the case. The only "benefit" I see in donating to this "lagged" game, is by contributing it would help provide resources towards fixing said game.
  4. Hi everyone, Hope all is well for you guys, it's been a minute. Recently I have come across funds between my career/investments and have some disposable income I could apply to this server. I've been on NR since the original v7 client, and I would be open to contributing towards the continuation of this game that I've spent so many hours on. I've been itching to come back to NR, (to play in my spare time), and would love to donate towards the server to help keep things improving, however, I have doubts about returning and putting my funds into a game that they took down for a year pl
  5. Hey all, I've been away for the last... seven months or so. Anyone able to catch me up on what happened? I'm aware of the server still being down, any ETA determined yet?
  6. Quick correction, been on every variation of NR (and its sisters RSPS's) since 2008*. All good though no worries.
  7. Been on NR since 2010 and have pics of the v7-v8 client. Any chance I could get the title? Names I went by on the OG server: Day And Nite H4id3rby3n0w
  8. Looking to buy via venmo and or CC!
  9. Please comment or message in game! Thanks!
  10. How many of you on this server have been here longer than me? I joined the original NR back in Summer of 2010, V7 was the client I first played. Angelo at the time just became a Respected Donar, Vegetakid was involved in the community, and more! Pretty sure I have an old photobucket account for proof! Who of you joined then, before, or after?

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