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  1. My reason for not pking on this server consists of more than one reason. 1.) You shouldn't be able to hit 100 with an ags. Ticket has confirmed this is possible. The combat needs reworked on spec weapons. If you are good at 1 ticking specs, the fights over. 2.) The pking community is toxic. The constant flame and the superiority complex Socio discussed is a big reason most players don't dare enter the wild. You can't even 1 item without being gang banged. All for the pkp and ep drop. You see players running around getting insanely high killstreaks, talking about how good they
  2. Hit me up on discord Jere, i'm a computer technican irl.
  3. Zylsium


    Nah just kidding, he's a cool guy
  4. Zylsium


    Nice, guys a try hard
  5. Zylsium


    Fix the non centered logo on client first pls.
  6. Hilow, Most of you already know we've been blessed with a spankin' new dev, who is (fortunately for us) active in the community. I have some suggestions that would benefit the current LD's and any new LD's in the future as well as players who are not LD. Now, I know what most of you are thinking. LD's have enough, "Insert spongebob meme here" PaY 1k iRl FoR LdI oN nR pVm. I completely understand that point of view, at one point before I was even RD I believed that they were given too much. If we were to break it down, we would see that RDI actually has more benefits in a sense than LDI does
  7. Hey buddy, welcome! I can't wait to see some of these bugs get fixed!
  8. Hey ya planker. Check messages. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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