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  1. Ever since I was the first to craft the rather slow Dragon Hunter Lancer (Waiting to be buffed, as its supposedly to be the BIS weapon for Raids - as said by @jacmob himself), that can indeed hit rather good on Dragons - I have received numerous offers, but mostly the same repeting question 'How much is DHL worth?'. - Truth be told, there was never a right answer, but initially I set a price tag at 20b to let go of it, but max offers were only lingering around 12-15b, so I never sold it. Recently with the rise of eco, I have received numerous 20+ offers, but decided not to sell it
  2. NR Community, This is an advanced guide on killing Hydra as efficently as possible (i.e, as fast as possible, using least amount of resources, and taking 0 damage). There is absolutely no need to kill Hydra in this manner, but NR bossing is too easy and this is just for a fun challenge: Challenge: - To kill Hydra without losing a single Hitpoint, and by dodging every attack. - Luring Hydra to correct vents within maximum 1-2 attack, to get fast kills. Assumptions: - This is an advanced guide, and assumption is that you already understand the basic mechanics
  3. NR Community, The recent Nex changes are positive and it should not be made any easier, and this post explains why. Firstly, Included in this video, is Nex Solo - refer to the end of this post for guide on how to achieve this. Why Nex Shouldn'd be made easier? - Nex is supposed to be a group Boss, and not an easily soloable boss. Personally, i do not like how easy bosses are on this Server, and at present Nex is the only one that is actually somewhat difficult. - The current difficulty should be kept and following changes are suggested to make N
  4. Ehhh.. did u rly tripple team me, when my client d'ced?? wtf.. @Pvmx Gains
  5. Haha no hate bro, props on the effort and am sure will be helpdul for some guyz, but atleast post a video of a kill l0l
  6. What did i Just watch?? Killing Hydra as fast as Zulrah ?
  7. Naw sorry mate, its not a standard tradition in the UK, if everyone is giving you this, they are tryna tell you something.
  8. vorkath

    Slayer Points

    Tbh, Slayer points are not too difficult to obtain if you have sufficient knowledge of the game, and tips and tricks to do slayer. Agreed, for non-donars slayer is exceptionally more time-consuimg than for donars - even as much as 5-10x longer to get same amount of points (due to not having access to ::di bosses, higher gwd kc, and frequent wildi tasks). As a donator, I could rack up 600points in less than a day with high-tear gear setup and all wildi tasks blocked. As RDI, I managed to grind 1500 points for zammy hasta in about 8-10hours of gameplay. So, this sug
  9. Huh.. Hydra was released less than 3 days ago.. tho

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