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    Christmas is right around the corner boys, who's ready for another jabroni?
  2. server

  3. Refund?

    LMAO y'all realising just now that legally jacmob doesn't need to refund you anything? This is why your form of payment was as a donation, avoiding all taxes(or most of them depending where Will lives) and most legal issues with running a private server. I suggest you inform yourself regarding chargebacks because most certainly you will be able to if you're in time.
  4. Past-reality

    @doicare loc? WE MESS U DEER
  5. The Chambers of Xeric

    UPDATE POST LOC? Let's see what has been accomplished in 1 month!
  6. Make Near Reality Great Again

    Every single release there's a post just like this coming from a player that hasn't been present or experienced what has been happening in the last few releases since Jacmob/Will took the ownership. I understand where you're coming and what you are trying to do, but you can't assume people who complain are plain stupid. We do not lack common sense and understanding, in fact alot of players work in the IT area and know how things work, a shitty second grade private server wouldn't be any different. Nevertheless not working as a developer doesn't invalidate your complaints when complaints due. We're not blaming anyone else but the owner himself. The issues come from way back not just this or last release. Lack of communication, transparency, lieing about upcoming updates to keep players hyped up(ex. Fixing important content, Bloodlust, Gano, Wildy worms, tournaments, Raids,...), lieing about advertisements, completely ignoring the playerbase, going MIA and only showing up months later with a motivational crying post with the same excuses on why this release was bad and how good the next one will be. I could go on for hours and detail everything even stuff that would get me banned if I exposed it, but that wouldn't bring any positive changes and I legit cba.
  7. Near-Reality Downtime

    @Mod Jacmob If you're not giving an ETA I'd like to suggest a "monthly development update post" where you would show what is being worked and what has been accomplished each month or week. Don't expect people to just sit there clueless while waiting for a day that may never come. I hope you realise this was the last release you had to redeem yourself from all the bullshit done in the past, your words at this point have absolutely no value, so start acting more before you lose the last few players that still care for NR.
  8. Revert combat changes

    You clearly didn't QA test pvp, I'm gonna leave it at that.
  9. send hate mail to devs here

  10. near reality

    I assure you he does read these posts
  11. Near-Reality Downtime

  12. near reality

    Give someone else the chance of having an autopilot money making scheme with people working for you for free? This guy literally just copy pastes the same motivational post every release filled with bullshit and all I see is the same players getting hyped, new players being caught up in this web of non sense and staff teasing fake promises and content that they know damn well will never come out.
  13. v14 Release - July 1st, 2020

  14. Revert combat changes

    And I understand reverting it back is surely not the best thing to do, but knowing that nothing will get updated anytime soon I rather have the old one while we wait for a revised version of it.
  15. Revert combat changes

    I specifically referred to hitting zeros or splashing and that is an accuracy problem.

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