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  1. Near-reality, the #1 scout pvp server

    welcome to NR :/ Also people who don't want to pk or be pked will just lower their levels to avoid being killed since they are worthless by not counting towards target kills or reward pkp
  2. Near-reality, the #1 scout pvp server

    A requirement of lvl 126 to kill revs should be a must, this has been suggested long ago but always ignored. People who have the power to make these dicisions don't have the proper NR pking experience to understand all the hassle and the shitfest that goes behind the scene, all the downleveling and "cat and mouse" game it's a complete joke. Now regarding scouts it's never been a huge problem imo, if you really wanna hit someone who's been risking alot at revs, if you're smart and good enough you will eventually kill that player who's been avoiding you, nevertheless I think scouts should be banned, the only problem is there's just no way to regulate it and make it fair for everyone. Setting a minimum level to enter the wilderness it's gonna be the same shit unless you set it to 100+. Only 1 account in the wilderness per IP? You can simply use a VPN and no one will ever have good enough proof against you.
  3. Near-reality, the #1 scout pvp server

    lvl 126 requirement to kill revs and only 1 account in the wilderness per IP
  4. Near-Reality v14 | June 27th, 2020

    TL;DR: It's just a landing page facelift, no eco reset will be done.
  5. Fear Who? The Pride Win Again.

    None of our members actively play NR, let alone pk in different clans, also we do not affiliante with anyone. Funny how RAIN really haunts you to this day, we don't even play this and our name keeps popping up on forum threads, you better get a psychiatrist to work on that PTSD. Cya next release
  6. Staff Vs #The Pride

    I thought you were smarter than that
  7. Staff Vs #The Pride

    I left because I was a shit pker? That makes no sense since my clan was the most predominant for the past 2 years. We quit since there's no incentives to play at all as a pker. Stop acting like you're a good guy. The amount of negativity you brought into this server won't ever surpass whatever you're trying to do now. You always disrespected staff, trash talked the server and bsed your own clan members which led to the downfall of your own clan multiple times. btw enjoy the game and have fun bsing your new clan while it lasts, the day this server gets a proper pking rework you'll shit your pants knowing once again it will be the end of your clan, you will be back to mass recruiting to have a chance hitting us, or perhaps back to being a TB slave like you're in other pking servers
  8. Staff Vs #The Pride

    A nerf was needed, but not how it was done. I have. Only if you knew how long my clan has been active for the past 2 years eager to help in all of those issues and so many others you wouldn't be talking to me like I was one of those kids who just talks shit about the server.
  9. Staff Vs #The Pride

    There's no incentives to even play on this server as a pker. The combat and path system were always shit and the only thing that kept most pkers playing was the money pking generated which got nerfed.
  10. 1B OSRS COMPETITION | First to Max - UIM/HCIM/IM

  11. 1B OSRS COMPETITION | First to Max - UIM/HCIM/IM

    But I gotta admit, you're the one who got the best jokes!
  12. prayer draining

    We had the United Nations back then for PvP content and adjustments where the most active pkers were selected to be apart of the union so they could make suggestions and vote for pvp changes, nowadays feels like they are trying to dig NR's grave faster than ever with bullshit updates without much thought put into it.

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