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  1. V14

    Sadly this post will be deleted.
  2. The Chambers of Xeric

    THIS @Arham
  3. The Chambers of Xeric

    Don't worry Near Reality is already downfalling for a long time way before you came into the server and it's not your fault, you shouldn't be pressured with all this work. Jacmob is the one who has to invest in enough developers to accomplish what he has been promising for a long time, way before november 2019. The ONLY THING WE ASK here is COMMUNICATION and SINCERITY and not make us waste time believing in promises that can't be and won't be accomplished on time.
  4. How to avoid being PKed and safely wild PVM!

    and hopefuly a rules update
  5. How to avoid being PKed and safely wild PVM!

    no you're not suppose to X LOG
  6. How to avoid being PKed and safely wild PVM!

    That's incorrect, from experience I find full rune much better to tank a clan barraging you!
  7. LMS minigame

    I was just making that point clear because you're showing a picture of our fight in which no one pjed you. I have nothing to do with anything that you alleged despite those being RAIN members. If you say they pjed you even though you show no evident proof of them doing so, it's fine, I believe that was a possibility and I congratulate them for using all the valid resources the game gives you to achieve victory without breaking any rules. With that said, if the LMS doesn't have a pj timer I agree on it being added, but to me it seems this is not the right time to waste on small things like that because we already have on going issues with bigger updates that require devs' utmost attention!
  8. Hello, welcome to Near-Reality PK a pking server "where legends go after rs got shit"! Do you feel sad and lost when the most profitable resources are in the wilderness and you don't know how to pk and defend yourself? SAY NO MORE Today I'm bringing you an easy guide on how to completely neglet any sort of pking interaction within single combat areas! Step 1: Drink Saradomin brews until your stats are drained so you deal no damage to the monster you are attacking Step 2: Unequip everything you can especially your weapon and BOX the NPC you're attacking BUT WAIT DROP, isn't that against the rules? Nah bro you're good as long as it's not to "stop others from attacking said monster", so make sure the only thing you're stopping is those nasty ass pkers from attacking you! Step 3: Let yourself get killed by the monster (Don't need to X LOG) WATCH this example of a player executing this technique: Wait what? But don't you still lose your items dieing to an NPC in the wilderness? Watch it for yourself : Step 4: PROFIT! GUIDE BROUGHT TO YOU BY #RAIN
  9. LMS minigame

    I also wanna make it clear that none of my fights were pjed
  10. LMS minigame

    Perhaps we should also address the issue with lime whips hitting constant 20s over melee prayer on a LMS BIS melee full tank. I didn't see you mentioning it or seeing it as a problem at all, most likely because that's what you did.
  11. Game Updates 14.1 | 4 July 2020

    @Jellyman226 SMUGGLE LOC?
  12. Raid Guide

    WHOSE MAN IS THIS? guide completely out of place for NR sorry mate

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