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  1. Finally a decent team lmao
  2. @PVMJamie @chonk @apoel19 @lovemanda @sanchez Thanks for the applications boys, we are currently waiting on dc, server and client crash issues to be fixed since it's unplayable for most of us in this current state. With that being said you guys are more than welcome to join our discord to familiarize with the boys and help eachother out doing any content you'd like Once the issues are fixed, I'll make a comeback announcement in our discord and officially reopen the clan applications, thank you!
  3. Seems like you afraid that Tiki and Dildo is with BBE raping ur ass lmao and that's the reasoning behind this post exposing him hoping they get kicked. It's known that Tiki has been feeding off BBE since he joined them last release and they even know that themselves. But they need decent pkers since most of them are just braindead.
  4. @fressi Your name doesn't show on the lottery winner list that Ive posted above, if you were LDI and didn't obtain it through lottery or donations I'm afraid you aren't getting it back.
  5. I totally understand that, thanks for giving the lottery winners their LDI ranks back. All the players who reached 2k points and obtained the LDI rank through the lottery are the ones on this list: Mu I Drop Digi22 Jeremiah N1tts Jellyman226 Fbi Magz Ticket Stakes R Us Green bombs Killerrun Itz Geo Iron Rahim 0p as Fork Roo Neal Viet Gamer Blitz Ironguy12345 Mitochondria
  6. LMAO after all the shit and the lies throughout all the years, showing no integrity and recognition for most of his loyal players, he even pulls this one off without saying a word.
  7. The LDI rank on the lotto was achieved by giving NRGP and items that could be sold for rsgp or irl money. Taking ranks away is literally robbing someone.
  8. Why are donator ranks being taken away? no one is even being notified
  9. That sums up NR since Jacmob took over. I was already expecting that "NO ECO RESET" was pure BS.
  10. Christmas is right around the corner boys, who's ready for another jabroni?
  11. LMAO y'all realising just now that legally jacmob doesn't need to refund you anything? This is why your form of payment was as a donation, avoiding all taxes(or most of them depending where Will lives) and most legal issues with running a private server. I suggest you inform yourself regarding chargebacks because most certainly you will be able to if you're in time.
  12. @doicare loc? WE MESS U DEER
  13. UPDATE POST LOC? Let's see what has been accomplished in 1 month!
  14. Every single release there's a post just like this coming from a player that hasn't been present or experienced what has been happening in the last few releases since Jacmob/Will took the ownership. I understand where you're coming and what you are trying to do, but you can't assume people who complain are plain stupid. We do not lack common sense and understanding, in fact alot of players work in the IT area and know how things work, a shitty second grade private server wouldn't be any different. Nevertheless not working as a developer doesn't invalidate your complaints when complaints d

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