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  1. ham rules

    as title states, Ham does in-fact rule
  2. Game Updates 13.0.22 | 28th December 2019

    good work arham & juan. making a good amount of progress over time
  3. Nex droptable/mechanics

    some very well thought out options to vote on, good work 1hit
  4. Appreciation 1800downed

    easy buddy no need to be rude. "Gamer Blitz" isn't my alt, you're more than welcome to ask around about that. Now if you believe at some point i wronged you during my time as staff i would love to talk about it via forum PMs so that not only we can get it cleared up but we can put it past us and i can learn from the mistake.
  5. Appreciation 1800downed

    Thank you for the kind words! helping players and making sure their voice was heard was always my top priority no matter what. i would like to take this moment to both ask who was the alt i played on that makes you think i was on it and just neglecting my duties. aswell as when have i personally afked and wasn't able to assist you to the best of my ability? i never really touched my alt, i only ever used it to test issues other players were having to replicate them, document the steps and pass it on to the dev team. that was just about it other than maybe using it to mine the star once in a blue moon
  6. Relaunch Updates | 23rd November 2019

    wonderful work from the dev team so far!
  7. Relaunch Updates | 9th November 2019

    10/10 would auto-smash arham
  8. 1800downed stepping down

    Howdy everyone! So first off i would like to say, after having a discussion with management i will be stepping down due to my declining health and not being able to give NR all that i used to be able to. I also wanted to make sure that, to the players i kept in contact with in-game on the daily or anyone else that would like to chat! you can still reach me on my discord @ thallium#8141 to chat and BS like we used to in-game. Once relaunch comes around you will still see me in-game from time to time when i have the energy and feel up to it! i can say that from what i have seen, it shall be a smooth and great rebirth of NR. You all will be left in good hands of @Mraussienoob wish y'all the best, 1800downed
  9. Relaunch Updates | 26th October 2019

    Looking good so far!
  10. Hey Guys

    Welcome to the team!
  11. 1800downed's away time

    Just wanted to make sure anyone that didn't already know; knew. for a few years I have been battling an illness that every doctor I have seen doesn't know what to truly diagnose me with, it's mostly located in my GI tract and causes excruciating pain and too many other problems to name; this is all on-top of everything else medical I battle including cluster-headaches. So again, A heads up to all that are not aware or had that chance to just chitchat with me; I am currently in the hospital and will be here for a little while. I truly hope to see all of you soon and will try to check back in whenever I can. if you have absolutely any questions please feel free to PM me and I would be more than happy to answer them for you and try to get back to you as soon as I am able. I have 0 plans on leaving this great community unless asked to. As many of you know, I don't PvP much, I PvM more than anything but my top priority has always been you guys-The community and I do truly miss hosting event's for y'all and trying to help you all the best I can. I know you guys are in very capable hands while I am away, but expect when I come back; there shall be quite the amount of personally hosted events K3 Sincerely, 1800downed - Admin
  12. memes

    Its almost like its designed to do that nice drops you have there 1hit
  13. Quality Content

    Just the way slim likes it
  14. New Lead Developer

    Welcome to the team @Benb
  15. The Future of Near-Reality

    Thanks for the Info jacmob

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