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  1. Buying Pernix Set

  2. Buying Pernix Set

    hello ladies and gentleman, buying full pernix set for 10B cash. pm me in game if interested ID:Just Goofy
  3. List of things that needs to be worked on!

    Agree, for zul i'm not sure i mean its decent killing so mix feelings there but lessen a little defense i feel, nomad definitely needs some dropping in the defense. Think for slayer they have talked about it about revamping it and that's a +1 i feel the reward store should change a little i mean people do slayer for the sake of those points to make a colored slayer helm and sell but since the update its kinda pointless.. so some things has to change there to make newer players a chance in money making too this way and doing slayer more worth it.
  4. Game Updates | 15 May 2020

    Well thanks for the update
  5. Game Updates | 15 May 2020

    i think you put the range attack wrongly?? why would a magic prayer gets a ranged attack by 20% haha
  6. Game Updates | 14 May 2020

    so whats the nex piece stats adjusted?
  7. PVM Combat & Slayer Helmets

    Such update would surely gonna have a backfire i mean you gotta see this coming right?, i'm not a developer but taking something away that has been here for generations would surely have a backfire especially when it was they key of the "PVM" system. Slayer hits with high damage that compensate the 0s we inflict on the bosses because of its high defense and HP and now that has been taken away, pvm is doable but its taking a long period and is draining my supplies faster, the key thing is to understand why slayers hits high and how it would affect the PVM when its being changed. This are like communication issue, you remove something you always have to compensate something in return to balance it out, that's how balancing works. Like the rest above me agrees, we don't care about the slayer helms is how the PVM is now
  8. Game Updates 13.1.5 | 13 May 2020

    Great job
  9. Stiffygoat for the win

    stiffy is very helpful great personality, helped me out when i just returned to NR. Banks got reset, start from the scratch. remember i was collecting bones off fire giants for prayers the long method. stiffy took the time to check his bank whether he had any big bones left to give me, he didn't just gave me bones only he also gave me a lime whip to start off (I'm kidding) gave me a whip, fury and boots for me to start off with. Thanks for helping me out
  10. WE DID IT!


    letter of resignation
  12. Ola Amigos

    Thanks guys erm quick question i notice we got reset. i don't care about my bank before, but is my skill level still intact? haha
  13. Ola Amigos

    I used to be torn's bodyguard in his torn NR casino. Guess his gone and i'm back
  14. Staff Update [13/07/18]

  15. Update Notes- 07/12/2018


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