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  1. hope all who resigned are doing well and hope to see pagan come back in due time! also gz to Aussie4head and gz to 1shit.
  2. Revamp of IronCC

    hey guys! thanks to all of you applying, once you've been evaluated and accepted, get with either Jeremiah, or myself and we'll get you set-up in our discord. once we get enough people and gather enough information, we'll then go into ranks and whatnot. If you cannot reach me ingame, just pm me on discord - J Hankyy#3744
  3. Teleporting out of wild

    righted my wrong. my ego got too large. I apologize to ticket for the potential ruin of his ego, and to pagan for giving her a headache. also apologize for the damper on me ever returning to the staff team. see you guys around.
  4. Teleporting out of wild

    tiki. log in if you aren't on. I was only risking a fury and I think a whip. ill give you the kill. my ego got the best of me </3 logging in
  5. Teleporting out of wild

    i'm a banana
  6. Jeremiah's Lucky Day!

    nicee! godbow and tbow farming now
  7. ironcc

    briging the ironman cc back. pvmers and pkers a like. all are welcome to join. ironman preferred
  8. Owning PVM

    Username: iron meme Combat lvl: 3 How active r u: active enough How many loyalty titles do u have *\22: comped on main. halfway on iron Kill count pic(must have): uhh Will u respect NR rules: OFC Referred by: ironguy123457498 **Must** do u have discord:yes. pm me ingame.
  9. thanks for helping

    flux with an instant reply. fishy you know they can see if you make an acc on the same ip, or any ip you've ever played on. awks. haha. regardless, welcome disasterofme.
  10. BlackNans 4-0 1 Hour

  11. Gano Passes

    ooof seems theres more fresh meat for rain. imagine trying to sell "gano passes" how big headed can you get

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