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  1. I got discord banned for saying "sure", had to be there
  2. Flint

    @jacmob v2

    People stopped coming to the last 2 just giving free loot to 1 clan. Can't give the shit away for free 400k isn't thay hard to get when you're getting 1k+ per kill and 600 killing pvmers lol
  3. Flint

    @jacmob v2

    How would you push people to edge? Last year I gave out hundreds of sets for people to pk and they still didn't go. I has jacmob add arcane, dex, rares only obtained from pkp. I'm at a lose for what else I can do. We used to have tob items dropped from wilderness npcs and no one went. We are trying to force people into the wilderness that would rather afk gwd or bork for 18 hrs a day rather than coming to wilderness and having some fun. What's a dh set up cost 20m? Lol it's just sad man people won't even risk 20m to come have some fun in edge
  4. Flint

    @jacmob v2

    They all teamed up to fight black nans now they are all clumped together
  5. Flint

    @jacmob v2

    Never understood clans teaming up and complaining theres no one left
  6. Goodluck man hope everything goes well
  7. Posted on discord, must not be in there
  8. @everyone As you may have noticed our update has been getting pushed back. We have been redoing several aspects of our code that wasn't acceptable for us moving into the future of Near-Reality. Currently K4 has updated all maps to current 07, Heaven has redone almost all of the spec weapons code and formulas along with the massive QOL thread we have taken from all of your feedback, Optimum is tearing pathing down and redoing the entire system. We are adding health box (nurse) to Edge for pkers, adding set destination on obelisks (with a kill requirement to unlock ability), fixing eating issues
  9. Flint

    Iron Pvp

    He wasn't he defended himself from a shitter it sounds

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