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  1. Raids (Restricted Items)

  2. Share your kill log

    Blood buns has a very weak moo
  3. Why Construction is OP

    all these people sleep saying con is the worst skill bc it has bad xp rates. Don't sleep on how useful it is for instanced bosses
  4. Why Construction is OP

    Your house can be used as a bank (Free) , the best prayer, hp, poison, special attack restore in the game that has no cooldown (240mish). Mage Book swap(cost 1.23b pretty useless) This is the closest stat restore to a bank and teleport. (The pool doesn't reset your boosted stats) (none of this content requires any donator ranks) REQUIREMENTS: 99 Construction.(might be lower) 25m for house, 50m for superior garden, 190mish for ornate pool. For mage book swap altar- 175m for achievment gallery. 1.23B to build the altar (very expensive, not very worth just lets you swap between mage books inside house) STEP 1: Buy a house for 25m from the estate agent in edgeville STEP 2: Hire a butler from the estate agent, any of them work as a bank via one of their options. (if invisible run off screen in the house and back and they will be there next to the portal) STEP 3: Build Superior Garden for 50m STEP 4: Build Restoration Pool then upgrade it one by one until it is ornate. (Don't drink before fully upgraded or you have to remove and start over) ORNATE POOL IS VERY OVERPOWERED. It has no cooldown. Restores prayer, hitpoints, special attack, and removes poison. On top of that it DOES NOT lower your boosted stats. (even extreme boosted stats won't be reset to 99) STEP 5: (not important) If you want the Mage book swap. Build achivement gallery for 175m. Then build occult altar for 1.23B STEP 6: Rotate your rooms so when you teleport in you are facing the pool to make it extremely fast to use. To rotate them, just go outside of the room and click build on its doorway. Side note: To get to house you can use the teleport in the normal spellbook or house teleport tabs. (unobtainable on irons atm) You will appear directly next to your butler using these teleports. Also Just understand that a lot of the stuff in the house does not work(at the time of this post) and is very expensive. The pool and altars do work though. THEN ENJOY THE MOST OVERPOWERED THING A NON DONER CAN OBTAIN.
  5. Prayer Drain Rates - Wilderness

    even though making it drain faster sounds neat and all. I don't think anyone gets smited in 2020 bc its a little too simple to sip a pray pot. People are not as dumb as they use to be a few years back.
  6. Capo and Costa truly garbge

    void bridding makes me sick. Don't call some1 garbo briding with 2 way switches pls
  7. Game Updates | 19th February 2020

    pog vork off task
  8. Wiki editors

    nty on spawned cash added to the game. plus its too easy to make shit on wiki, too much would be added in at once. just give them their rank and be happy with it.
  9. Buying and Selling Donations

    Allow people to buy and sell donations in other peoples names. By adding tradeble credit tickets. In $10,20,30,50,100 or whatever numbers look right. (or whatever system for buying / selling donations would work best) These things bought would not add to the total donated on your account, but would be able to be claimed to give you the donation total + the points you would normally get from donating. This way people would be able to "buy" donations to get rdi and ldi on their accounts. It would also be a big donation incentive because people would love to spend good amounts of money to achieve those ranks. Which when the price is right, people love to donate to make a big gains from donating
  10. ::Di & ::DIE Change

    works good as is. Doesn't need a change
  11. Celestial staff value

    rip. Buff the staff tho, it sucks ass
  12. Game Updates 13.0.24 | 4th February 2020

    Finally have a use for mage gear again. Also on a side ntoe pls add house tabs to ironman gen store. Since all teletabs are removed from ironman gen store. Add house teleport to the other 2 spellbooks also.
  13. Staff Update [13/07/18]

    Congrats on becoming staff fellow iron squad members. And congrats to sabrina on the promotion.

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