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  1. Pay for name change

    We talked about doing this a year ago when I was on staff, I honestly think its a great Idea. +1
  2. language use on server

    This must be a troll post?
  3. So who's here from before 2015?

    Been here since 1999.
  4. Can I have a vet title?

    Yo i heard you're a vet, can you vouch?
  5. Relaunch information - 23/10/2019

    Real dogs bark.
  6. just @mod jacmob

    @crucio idiot
  7. Relaunch Updates | 26th October 2019

    This a PVM server m8.
  8. [Near] Reality Check

    Make @crucio owner and server will be fine.
  9. Just @crucio

    @crucio dumb fuck
  10. Server Downtime

    Well, Mr. HardknoxLife, You see this server constantly does the same thing. It relaunches (100-200 people), owner gains some money and stops caring and the server dies. When you've gone through this process about 3 times, it becomes annoying. Hope you get it know. 1 love, Catwick12
  11. Server Downtime

    YO, No way Will is still out here making promises. This shit is too funny.
  12. ight

    Sup m8, was tryna see if u was alive.
  13. ight

    Crucio is so fucking dumb.
  14. Selling 07GP for PayPal

    Toss me a PM with your price, I could be interested in Buying a decent sum of gold.

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