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  1. Refund?

    No, that was from a post someone grave dug.
  2. Refund?

    I think you're misinformed. You don't get refunded for donations when the server is down for maintenance. The only time donations would possibly be looked at for a refund is if the server was resetting economy and re-releasing with nothing ingame, at the owner's discretion.
  3. Refund?

    Refunded credits from what exactly? There will be no eco reset so there is nothing to refund.
  4. god figures

    This is dope. Brings back memories.
  5. Guide to beating Waydar

    Waydar is the real eco holder, gl ! xD
  6. Just POG

    Pog indeed.
  7. Near-Reality Downtime

    There will be no eco reset, no items or skills will be touched.
  8. Near-Reality Downtime

    No eco reset, pins will be untouched.
  9. Near-Reality Downtime

    For a good cause, see you guys on the other side!
  10. Game Updates 14.1.1 | 12 July 2020

    Good stuff ty Ham
  11. bank updated :D

    Holy cow that's nice!
  12. [500M OSRS] v14 Launch Events

    Awesome prizes, cant wait to jump in.
  13. top suggestion 2020

    Top notch suggestion! :kekw:
  14. V14 Weekend Events

    Hell yeah, thank you for this Flint! Can't wait to get this all started!

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