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  1. Multiple accounts.

    this Rytur.

    +1, Remove it in pvp like they have on OSRS, or remove it completely. The game doesn't really offer any piece of content that requires you to OFTEN switch between magic and another attack style other than NHing, and this update shouldn't even exist in the pvp scene. (They disabled it in wildy/pvp worlds on OSRS), hence why I suggest just removing it completely, as it doesn't really add anything useful to the game outside of wilderness, which is a place it doesn't even belong in the first place.

    LMFAO if that is godlix and he just named himself the n1 NHer
  4. GIM Season 4 Prize

    How does this GIM stuff work? What is the competition about.
  5. Killstreak reset

    Yeah, I understand that Arham :).
  6. Near-reality, the #1 scout pvp server

    Killing 2-3 scouts every 10 minutes. There's people going on 20+ killstreaks purely doing this, and the pkp gain and coin gain at 12+ ks is 50M/at least 1700pk per kill. In addition you can kill the same acc over and over for blood key chance, no matter how long it's been since last time you killed them, so killing the same 2 scouts 5 times is 500M coins and nearly 10 chaotics/1.7 ags/1.7 dclaws/etc. This can be gained in 1 hour of killing the same scouts. I've literally done this myself, so I know how stupid OP it is.
  7. Near-reality, the #1 scout pvp server

    Sounds good
  8. Killstreak reset

    There is literally no one at these bosses. I went on a 26 kill streak only killing other pkers at edge/revs, pvmers at revs, and scouts at revs. I scouted all the other popular pvming places at least 10 times over the last 3 days during the different timezones. I found 1 guy at ice plateau twice, that's it.
  9. Near-reality, the #1 scout pvp server

    Why not just remove the reward system for killing scouts overall? I don't want to remove scouts or pking on 2 accounts in general. It would suck if you have to pay to enter the wilderness, even if you're just naked. That just creates less incentive and more hassle to partake in whatever happens out there.
  10. Killstreak reset

    You can seek protection in creating a clan or teaming up with others. 4 noobs vs 1 pker is an easy win for the noobs.
  11. Killstreak reset

    The stat boosts that the killstreaks supposedly give you, such as the +10 health. It does not work. I cannot actually speak for the other boosts like the increased magic accuracy one and whatever else the killstreaks are supposed to boost you in because they're not actually visible, but I know that the HP boost does not work, so I'm assuming the others don't either. Working or not, they shouldn't even be a thing. If you (not you Arham, but like, the team or the management) want to implement updates like this (that make us look more like dreamscape than a pvp server IMO), I strongly suggest you poll it or discuss it with the respective part of the community that the update is relevant to to ensure that you don't spend your time trying to implement something unwanted. These boosts you're supposed to get from the killstreaks remind me of the time when we had all these 'ultimate' bullshit items, like ultimate slayer helm, ultimate gloves etc. etc. Those updates were reverted, so I don't know why the game is heading down that path again. It's just unnessecary power creep that, again, make NR look more like dreamscape than anything else.
  12. Killstreak reset

    Then maybe you shouldn't die, or better yet, fight back and kill them.
  13. Killstreak reset

    Good call
  14. Add "Buy Request"

    I did like over a year ago. Still +1

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