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  1. Development Blog | January 19th, 2021

    Ok, sorry, won't do it again.
  2. Development Blog | January 19th, 2021

    Might want to look into npc aggro in this room. If comparing with osrs, the NPC's never aggro you UNLESS you either attack that specific npc, or if you try to cross the rope. (This means, if you attack one of the mages, only that one mager will retaliate, the rest of NPC's are dormant until each is attacked. When crossing the rope however, they will all attack you simultanously. On the other hand, if you've made all the npc's aggro the members of the team that are not crossing the rope, the person crossing will not take any hits, as the npc's are busy attacking other players. ) It's meant to be this way so that the team can control who tanks the hits, very essential when trying to complete fast raids. Also lets the team split the amount of damage between certain players. Some players might have fewer supplies left than others, so this is a pretty key feature. No idea how similar you want this to be to osrs, but figured I'd point it out.
  3. Old Forums - Possible Archive?

    Not from the NR pre 2012, simply because this isn't the same game, not the same owner etc. etc.

    rsps is still your life I see
  5. Merry Christmas Near-Reality!

    marry your ex, everyone
  6. Looking to buy 15-30m OSRS

    I'll take a 75$ amazon giftcard
  7. Hi im Barters

  8. Cool profile :modjac:

    1. Rytur


      thank you daddydigi

  9. why can't we play normal server?

    Give it +/- 5 days
  10. why can't we play normal server?

    Because you need to give it +/-5 days
  11. Private Beta & Roadmap

  12. Hi, I am Michael

    HAHA Implying something is happening behind the scenes
  13. Hi, I am Michael If you think this guy is a legit person, then lolzi on you. It's jacmob pretending like he got a dev. He literally made the thread at 02:05am 14 minutes after he joined and never logged back in here. Effectively meaning he immediately logged out after creating the thread Anyway, beach time
  14. Any Estimated Release Date?

    +/- 5 days. Just sit tight.

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