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  1. * Timezone - gmt+1 * Age? - 23 * Ingame / Discord username? - donikk/ crusherr#6306 * Average playtime a day? - depends on my days, i study and work alot. I try my best to be on as much asp * Hybrid / Tribrid experience? - I would say im a very good nher. I've been nhing on rs/rsps since 2008. Also been clanning since 2010 and i still clan on 07 (pure/main clan), so im experienced when it comes to multi.
  2. So the cyclus begins again.
  3. I like the update/progress, but is the focus on raids only rn? Because I personally think there is way more then raids which would make the server more attracting (renewing old/outdated content, pathing, droptables/wildy rework). Thanks for the updates
  4. the server is gonna come out in 3 months with just raids and the rest of the content is still scuffed (pvp etc) while other servers have everything (good pvp, raids 1, 2, gauntlet, nightmare). At this point they should just close the server for good or sell to someone who is actually gonna fix more devs etc. at this rate its going nowhere
  5. Maybe these suggestions can be added next relaunch in December!
  6. unbanme

    Blood Keys

    its like a 1% chance to find someone in wildy so the drop rate for the gold key is like 0.01% rn
  7. Hi last ppl of near reality, As we all noticed this relaunch was such a succes! One thing i came across is the drop rate off the boss ''Jacmob'' Currently the drop rate for ''communication'' is a 1/1M, the last time this item was dropped has been such a long time ago! Is there a way we can make ''communication'' a little les rare so the last 15 ppl playing can grind for this drop! Then we have the drop rate of ''pvp updates'' and ''raids'' sitting at a ridiculous 1/5000k. Things need to change! Another thing i noticed is that his special attack with th
  8. COMMUNICATE! all we want for jacmob is to communicate. He does it over and over, he promises things he cant deliver and then he just dissapears and leave the game in a shit state. This relaunch has to be the shittiest one ever. All my friends already went to another server bc the combat system and pvp is even worse then it was b4. Its just sad and hilarious at this point.
  9. unbanme


    relaunch is a meme and they dont even care about it. Just quit tbh at this point its the same shit all over again every relaunch
  10. I mean we all know this shit is a cash grab for will, he doesnt care about the community or anything at all and he proved himself again this relaunch. I dont get why the staff team doesnt resign tbh, they have the worst management above them and they are the face of the game. They get all the shit over them and since u say they cant do anythign about it i really feel bad for them being in this abusive relationship with greedy jacmob
  11. the old combat system was way to accurate, but right now its not even fun to pk. A kid in full rune and black d hides can outtank u on a 5 min tb while ur in really good gear. This shouldnt be possible. The wildy is already dead; the pk shops are even more garbage, gano is still garbage, wildy bosses are still pretty garbage, bh shop is not even worth to open. Atleast bring back the old combat system so its worth it to go pk. Also; fix the fkn gmaul delay
  12. I feel sorry for you Arham, ur legit getting abused by Jacnerd. Pls man go to another server u have the potential its just getting wasted here
  13. Curious about how everyone feels about the combat system. My last post hasnt really got any reaction from the staff or other players. How do u guys feel about the combat system? And if u feel its not correct; what do u think should change. Note: This is for PKERS only

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