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  1. Game Updates 14.1.1 | 12 July 2020

    Well its been 2 weeks and all we've had is 2 small updates and not a single piece of info on raids, world boss, or the pvp update. I wouldn't be as mad as I am right now if we were given info about the issues being fixed. Classic jacmob, He said now that he's done with school hes going to focus on NR. Here we are 2 weeks later and yet again he disappeared. Can he please just sell this game to someone else. The last thing jacmob posted on forums was him saying raids will be fixed in a few days. All im saying is that its been 2 weeks and we as a community have heard nothing. I call that stupid...
  2. Game Updates 14.1.1 | 12 July 2020

    I like how this game has turned to only staff commenting good stuff... Its been 2 weeks since we were promised raids, new cmb system, pkp shop rework, etc. The only thing you have added is a new toturial that nobody cares about and a new rare frag shop. When are we going to see actual progress. You took a shit rsps and somehow made it even shittier, we got a worse cmb system, worse pkp shop, no news about raids. I gave up hope 4 years ago its only a mater of time before the 30 ppl that play give up aswell.
  3. The Chambers of Xeric

    I know you can't give an exact date but can we at least get a time fram. It's been delayed for months on end, im not waiting another month wasting my time. If this shit aint done by the end of the month im leaving nr for good, and according to the player base thats how the community feels aswell.
  4. Weekly News & Events

    Holy Stromboli! I'm so glad your switching up the times, most of the time you guys do it while i'm working or at school. Glad to see you'll be hosting them all at different times.
  5. Snow baby!

    Yeah that's why he mentioned ::snow.
  6. Snow baby!

    You can throw them at other players at edge, not suppose to server a purpose just a fun cosmetic item to mess around with.
  7. Oldie but goldie

    musta been someone:\
  8. Mod jacmob & Torn67 & Paganesque & Slim Shaco

    I don't comprehend your statement. I really enjoy all of zanders professionally crafted posts\comments.
  9. Genji Here

    yeah wtf man I wanted to do that
  10. Ironman Luck? 03.12.2018

    Damn gz wish I had 10% of that rng
  11. News Post 11-12-18

    looking forward to the events, can't wait to win myself a lime
  12. News Post 11-4-18

    to edit it
  13. News Post 11-4-18

    dude gz must have taken you hours

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