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  1. Donator Island(s) teletabs

    No need to be rude, it's as if I'm imposing a curse just by making a mere suggestion.
  2. Donator Island(s) teletabs

    Fair enough, I understand that it's working the way it is and has been for quite some time but I feel like it's still something that could be looked into at a later date. Regarding putting the teleports into the spellbooks, even though it's a very minor thing, I feel like it'd make the system more streamlined and consistent, and (on a side note) perhaps give new players an incentive to much sooner be curious about the islands.
  3. So who's here from before 2015?

    Since 2010.
  4. Donator Island(s) teletabs

    I have since done this, however it feels like a bit of a hacky workaround.
  5. Donator Island(s) teletabs

    Thanks for the feedback. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I would be satisfied enough with just having a Donator zone teleport category under the spellbooks (just like Bossing teleports etc).
  6. Donator Island(s) teletabs

    That's good to know and I will utilise that from now. My original point still remains though!
  7. Donator Island(s) teletabs

    I'll be the first to admit that this was nothing more than a passing thought I had earlier today, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. I know there are much more substantial issues that need working on first but I assume a lot of these have already been addressed and are already being worked on. I think what I'm suggesting would be very easily implemented which is why I wanted to at least mention it and perhaps sometime in the future we can have a 'quality of life' update which addresses the smaller things such as this.
  8. Donator Island(s) teletabs

    Would you mind elaborating? I understand that there's "no need" for it and it certainly isn't a priority but surely you can see how this could be a vast improvement for some. I appreciate your feedback nonetheless.
  9. Donator Island(s) teletabs

    Right? Imagine being intellectual enough to be able to give actual genuine feedback to this community rather than just wasting your time writing troll comments. Perhaps I expected a higher level of maturity from a fellow player, but you're right, this will be my last response to you.
  10. Donator Island(s) teletabs

    I fail to see where this would be a "useless item"; I think that statement is rather subjective, and not to mention there are already multiple teletabs in-game which I'm sure see far less use (if any at all) than what I'm suggesting here. All I'm saying is the way you currently have to travel to Donator Island is somewhat inefficient in a game like this where there's a lot of rinse and repeat⁠ - it's usually the only time I even use my keyboard when PvMing and I feel like it could be improved⁠, having to interact with the chat box to teleport is inconsistent at best. I believe it'd be a harmless addition if it were implemented. Or failing that, there are multiple teleports in the spellbooks which are of no use and could be replaced with a Donator category. Also, please keep your criticism more constructive in the future.
  11. Donator Island(s) teletabs

    Perhaps not totally necessary but I personally think it'd be a nice quality of life addition for both PvPers and PvMers alike wishing to frequently recharge their hp/prayer and special attack to have Donator Island(s) teletabs which would be much more convenient and coherent as opposed to being required to type a chat command every time they travel there.

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