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  1. Near-Reality Downtime

    Full support, go get those fixes, I'll wait with my 46b exp grind till we are back up!
  2. Nex Minions

    Sounds good tho, not a bad one man! Ive seen this happening yeh... Its not cool to go kill the minions and see others snipe loot...
  3. Elite Caskets

    Stfu n00b, I only did 20 easy caskets and got 2 rares! Upgrade ur rng pl0x xoxo
  4. Killstreak reset

    I agree with this, resetting a killstreak is pure bullshit, especially for people who don't even pk and need to get a 6 killstreak for a comp cape... I was so happy I got 1 kill and started a killstreak and now it's gone again... Let's restart the grind again...
  5. Near-reality, the #1 scout pvp server

    I +1 this if doing a clue scroll as a lvl 50 orso in lava maze doesn't reward a pker with pkp anymore!

    Good post, +1 for y'all pkers!
  7. Cow hunt event

    Who did know u could be this smart?!!?!?! Great post, +1 from me
  8. Easter Egg Hunt Locations!

    Yo, where's @jimba... My boo ain't hiding

    95, wish i was number 69...
  10. NEEDED updates.

    Looks like fortnite is taking over Near Reality?!?!?
  11. NEEDED updates.

    Pls mohawk haircut ingame, tyy
  12. Suggestions for Dec 1st

    You're always right!
  13. Near-Reality 2.0 - Important Information

    Ight, awesome, see you guys december 1st!
  14. Near-Reality 2.0 - Important Information

    We better keep our exp in all skills, else I'm out of here!
  15. Katana Giveaway!

    Hello, im number 51 then

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