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  1. @Mod Jacmob Revert the Slayer Master dialogue please. And please start TRYING these things before implementing them. Honestly, did anyone even attempt the new Slayer Master dialogue before copy & pasting it in? It's fucking miserable, so I know you didn't try it... unless your're a window licker.
  2. Kenny


    Imagine playing a private server and still using an autoswitcher.. why are you even playing
  3. rt u still owe me 2b and a divine fgt
  4. How can you poll for wanting a Death NPC with the first two options as the only options? That would presuppose that people want Death NPC in the first place (maybe they do, maybe they don't, how would you know?). Though I think you mean to say that Death NPC was already polled and voted to be included, with the degree to be determined by this subsequent vote using the first two options as the only options. In that instance, your thought process errs to the extent that you are discounting or depriving 13 people (who voted for no Death NPC) of their vote. To me, then, it seems mo
  5. Find me one source of authority that says 42% is a majority. I'll wait.
  6. You do not have an LLM. You would not be making such shit-brained arguments if you had an LLM.
  7. 42% is not a majority. 42% is not a majority compared to the other options. That is not how statistics or polling works. Please stop playing video games, educate yourself instead. What you just said was a pathetic display of whatever education system you come from, and you will struggle to get anywhere in life if you continue to refute universally accepted basic concepts.
  8. You're assuming I voted for "Do Not add Death NPC." Yet here I am merely arguing against the implementation of things NOT voted for by a majority of players. Take notice that I did not argue that Death should NOT be added. I am arguing against the (abhorrent) lack of integrity in basic polling and implementation.
  9. You're stupid, or you do not understand how polls work, or both.
  10. 42% is not a majority. You do not group together two separate poll options in order to create a majority. This is really elementary-level, and universally accepted, material that you're struggling to grasp.
  11. Who asked for a poll for each separate item? No one. You're spewing fucking bullshit again. You've STILL not answered my question, which you even quoted above, but apparently did not read or have a valid answer to.
  12. 30% did NOT want ALL items. You cannot just arbitrarily group them as one and the same to get you your "majority." That is a basic polling concept, and quite frankly a basic concept of life. You should learn that before you're disappointed in the real world.
  13. Instead of spewing bullshit, just accept it that MOST PLAYERS DID NOT WANT EXACTLY WHAT WAS IMPLEMENTED, yet it was implemented anyway. Why is that concept so difficult to grasp?
  14. I'm not SAYING "that we shouldn't be happy if we get any updates that we didn't ask for." I'm ASKING YOU why we should be "grateful", to use your words in your original post, for updates we did not ask for. Seriously, you're not even having a conversation. You're just spewing bullshit.
  15. Please go back to 7th grade and learn how polling systems work and the different types of polling systems. 42% is not a majority. More players (58%) DID NOT want what exactly was implemented. Seriously, this is a basic life concept and skill.

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