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  1. Small Suggestions Thread

  2. Game Updates 13.0.25 | 25th February 2020

    Yeet. Haven't been around in a while, great to see all the work being done.
  3. Mraussienoob is no more.

    Looking forward to seeing the Australian stallion in his final form. Congrats mate
  4. Scorch4Vet

    I mean yea, you've been around for a decade or more
  5. Drop Rate Table, Rate Calculation and Display

    Absolutely. Either fix the rates or display the correct ones.
  6. Appreciation 1800downed

    1800downed is the man, for sure.
  7. Wilderness chest idea.

    Also, it's a great way to enhance pking, as the wildy has been fairly dead, at least today.
  8. Wilderness chest idea.

    I'm all for some fun ideas. I love it! I've never really seen anything like this before, especially on NR Awesome post my guy.
  9. few suggestions

    All important to note. Updating the shops weekly would certainly look great for the server in general. Who wouldn't join a server that advertises weekly updates, ya know?
  10. Boss Killcount highscores

    Could I maybe also suggest adding timers to bosses? Just so we can know how op we are
  11. Boss Killcount highscores

    This would be very cool! As a pvmer, at least I'd have something to brag about that isn't my .5 kd
  12. better vote rewards?

    There should for sure be more of an incentive to vote! +1
  13. Game Updates 13.0.19 | 10th December 2019

    Thanks so much!
  14. Game Updates 13.0.18 | 8th December 2019

    Thanks for all the hard work

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