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  1. lol a month later still?

    RIP NR, died about 4 years ago really but official time of death 16/08/20
  2. dont try and pk me while im pvming

    Yeah a lot of them lacked brain power :/
  3. dont try and pk me while im pvming

    why where these people whenever I play the game?
  4. fix pink phats

    Why you wearing a pile of shit on ur head?
  5. bank updated :D

    Mr big bank eh
  6. V14 Weekend Events

    shut up, shit event.
  7. Going to Rehab

    good luck mate
  8. Put in a spliff

    cleaning up nicely , wpwp
  9. NRPK Purified pk vid ~

    The video effects gave me aids. But I do certainly miss these days.
  10. Eek!

    Clowns. People just can't comprehend the quickness of these hands.
  11. NR Tour Video

    nice one man, consistent content on youtube is what keeps servers. probably wouldn't have started the video by saying there aren't many players though

  13. Near-reality, the #1 scout pvp server

    Fair enough, I've never been arsed killing scouts myself so don't know the extent of it but if the community deems it necessary I understand.

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