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  1. Tiki


    most impressive part about this is finding someone in risk in the wilderness
  2. are these big things on a similar scale the the "huge" advertisement push that was promised with both the release of infinite and the summer event? Cause that just turned out to be like 4 youtube videos from dead creators.
  3. ain't rytur the guy that flames jacmob and staff team for how shit the server is?
  4. never understood why you dudes just stood at camelot all day
  5. Tiki

    @ Jacmob

    Actions speak louder than words, and unfortunately all he can offer are more empty words. What he doesn't seem to understand is that his apology threads don't fix any actual game issues, let alone PK issues.
  6. The pathetic BBE/SS/OT and BN/AG merges have proven to be useless against the battering ram that is #XXX, the only remaining independent team. Despite being outnumbered at almost every turn, we have proven time and time again that quality beats quantity. It's also worth mentioning that opposing teams have hacked our members, threatened our members with doxxing, and got staff members to kick them from the wild so they don't die to a TB. However, none of this has stopped us running over them like the tanks ran over Chinese people in Tiananmen square. If you're not around the table, yo

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