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  1. raids from 2017... anything else that isn't from years ago.... fat fat walrus
  2. onion tomato potato this ramadude guy a weirdo big papa
  3. when did I ever ask u baboon
  4. aint u got like 13 kids to be taking care of ? you still boasting on a dead game , get your priorities in tact l0l
  5. You ain’t been caught rwting yet ?
  6. #SS if you ain’t with it u an opp
  7. If staff isn't going to put much effort. Why do you guys continue to waste your life? lmfao, its the first week of release with large amounts of players, give it a week for them to fix all the bugs and shit. If anyones wasting their life its you making these dumb ass threads. Theres a lot of bugs and shit thats being sorted , either be patient or kys.
  8. me introduction. Hi me el chap0 I am new around here be nice ty. hi everyone
  9. El Chap0

    PATCH hc

    seen hardcore ironman, automatically will be flammed in game.
  10. re-add seed pod to pkp shop, or to store on website. T Y
  11. El Chap0


    new phone who dis
  12. It’ll be another delay knowing you.
  13. El Chap0


    Do I have to be African
  14. What’s the new content tho? L O L
  15. by the time nr gets released, new content will already be out and raids will be older then flint in rl

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