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  1. Clan list from previous nr's

    yup was in there with valk , smirnoff, boat, nathan.
  2. Clan list from previous nr's

    Yeah I was on GWAS / Last Resort. Lol how about remember Team Aggression
  3. Staff Update 2/18/19

  4. Clan list from previous nr's

    yeah lol, always chilled with jags chachi/chache and zeroeh in the black map just bullshittin
  5. Clan list from previous nr's

    this is true, jags always hooked me up hahaha. Zeroeh was good too .
  6. what were some of the bigger clans from Chachi's / Drax's Nr.
  7. Lr/Volcom intro

    yeah lol, i had a shit ton of alts. too much bank =p
  8. Lr/Volcom intro

    Thanks to everyone who commented lol. Damn starting from scratch is gunna suck
  9. Lr/Volcom intro

    I do remember I still have all my old screenies you were on it
  10. Lr/Volcom intro

    Dang nrpk is back. Haven't played in years might give it another go. For those who remember me I was Lr, Volcom, & Celebi. Pked alot and was known for staking. Was a part of LastResort w/ valk and other clans I forget since its been a long ass time. Trying to find some old screenshots. Seen a few vets on here hopefully someone remembers me =p.

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