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  1. Near-Reality Downtime

    Lmao why? There’s a dozen other servers with up to date content then this dog shit? save your time
  2. Past-reality

    El oh el loc any improvement ? Communication? Owner? Devs ? content from 2017 loc? loc? Loc? Loc? el chap0 loc? loc?
  3. don't speak the truth, they don't like that.
  4. what is this?

    Servers down till they release content from 2017.
  5. Farewell glizzy gobbler. - el chap0
  6. send hate mail to devs here

    Yeah , try making new content videos not old clips from when the server had players, devs and an actual useful owner you Zumbass
  7. For the love of god

    This tell us nothing? The same shit you’ve been saying for months
  8. Near-Reality Downtime

    man says eco reset cause he's banned l0l
  9. Things to do while NR is down

    this why I love u lele can't post on chap0 so ill comment here.
  10. do u make this many post to try to stay relevant ? ur banned m8

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