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  1. Hello Near-Reality, This is a short post to inform you that the Near-Reality game servers will be offline during 4 AM, and 7 AM EST on Monday, April 15th for a planned maintenance to upgrade our updating processes, and to perform updates on our server infrastructure. We don't expect the game to be offline for more than an hour, but it's possible this could take longer. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Chaflie, and the Near-Reality Staff Team
  2. Hey there

  3. Game Updates | 4/5/2019

    Hey Near-Reality! The following updates are now live: Client v1.6 has been launched! This includes a whole host of background changes, which also includes new a MASSIVE model fix! A lot of the models around the game world will now look proper, and not so broken, or not as they should be. Many aesthetic changes that are small, but noticeable. Ground item amounts will now show the proper amount Slash Bash can now be tracked via a kill counter A bug where Morgan Le Faye was turning 1 doses into 3 doses has been fixed The Bandos Godsword special attack will now stack it's damage reduction on your target A few more custom rares are now equippable Sanguinesti Staff, Trident of the Swamps and Trident of Seas have all received buffs Sang staff requires charges from blood runes and has a 1/6 chance to heal 50% of the damage dealt to its user All three staves are now able to hit through melee-only restrictions. This means you can use all of them on Tekton, Gano at all phases, Avatar of Creation/Destruction and the World Boss Reminder, these staves are PvM only EDIT: BUG WITH SANG STAFF - NO PROTECT VALUE, BE CAREFUL - Will be fixed next update, apologies. We're going through a lot of the core code, and making massive changes to improve the developer work flow. There will be a developer blog going live in the next few days to talk about these changes, as well as a look into the new pathing system.. stay tuned! Just an example of the model fixes! Thanks! Chaflie & the Near-Reality Staff Team
  4. Welcome to Dread | New Developer

    I understand the frustration! We're working on getting more in tune with the community, including it's suggestions and your concerns. We're just working on clearing up the backlog of work that has been piling up, and then we're ready to tackle everyone's ideas and concerns, as well as implement our own stuff. Keep tuning into polls and contributing your ideas, they are being watched and moved to a development approval process.
  5. Hey Near-Reality! While a short update post, the behind-the-scenes of this update is massive and the effects of this update will continue to be felt for ages! Let's get into the nitty gritty of this update, and allow me to stress the importance of client v1.4 and beyond. Today, client version 1.4 has been released! This client now has extra bits of code that allow me to track who is on 1.4, and who is not (1.3 and lesser clients will no longer be supported). While I understand not everyone is ready to switch to v1.4 (for some reason), I have built support to retain old features such as the skill tab in order to not break game play. However, this means that you will now be left behind should you not be on the newest client, and will miss important updates that will include chat box fixes, new interfaces, and general day to day stuff that is now going to be streamlined to new updates. With that being said, v1.4 now has the following features, and there are a few updates that do not require a client update. The agility shortcut at the Grand Exchange is now usable with 80 agility The Kraken is now in a multi-zone The skill tab has received a fresh lick of paint, and is now emulated to be exactly like OSRS! This removes the dungeoneering and summoning skills from the tab. This is the first interface we made in our new interface editor tool! Expect many more to follow, including new game mode selection interfaces, and an all new teleport interface. Stay tuned! V1.4 now has a "Ground Item Overlay" button that can enable and disable ground item overlays. Thanks! Chaflie, and the Near-Reality Staff Team
  6. Welcome to Dread | New Developer

    We've just ran 3 polls?
  7. Welcome to Dread | New Developer

    It's only a threesome if you join
  8. Welcome to Dread | New Developer

    Hey Near-Reality! I would love to take the time to introduce @Dread, a new addition to our development team! Dread has worked with me on previous projects in the past, and has proven himself to be an excellent developer with the passion and skills that can not only assist me in developing for Near-Reality, but for bringing exciting and quality updates to the game you all know and love. Dreads immediate tasks will be to assist on the back-end of Near-Reality, while I can free myself up to do more of the front-end work. We the staff team are incredibly excited to have Dread on board for modernizing, and breathing life to Near-Reality! Make sure to introduce yourself if you see Dread online, and I hope you receive him with the same love as you did with me. Thanks! Chaflie & the Near-Reality Staff Team
  9. Game Updates | 3/26/2019

    Hey Near-Reality! First of all, apologies for the delay in today's update! I had to spend a great deal of time ensuring that the new client is compatible across all devices, and I had a busy weekend myself filled with great fun, and lots of work outside of Near-Reality! However, let's get to the juicy bits in today's update. Staff Members received new command changes They can now use ::specffa to spectate the current running free-for-all They can no longer use ::teletome in the World Boss Arena The World Boss is now immune to Ranged & Magic attacks, and subsequently combat with the World Boss is now automatically stopped should you try to leave through the ghost barrier Client v1.3 was released! This update should now allow everyone to load up the client, provided they are using the correct Java version. If the downloaded file doesn't have the Java symbol, but rather a "NR" symbol on it, you'll need to speak to me or a staff member to correct this so that you can load up the new client. v1.3 updates are as follows: The Legendary Donator Icon is now fixed You can now see the names and amounts of items on the ground with a handy overlay Few security issues fixed with download game assets, and updates New drop table & creature changes, and additions Kraken has received a new drop table, as well as a new location! Callisto and Tekton have received new drop tables New Slash Bash boss at the Legendary Donator Island! Come challenge a new foe and receive some epic loot! The Arcane Spirit Shield will no longer drain your prayer in combat You will now stop any combat/skilling related actions when using the ::ffa command The FFA timer in the FFA lobby will now display "Starting in x minutes, and x seconds" rather than "Ticks: xxx" The PVM Arena timer will now display: "Ticks remaining: x minutes, and x seconds" rather than "Ticks remaining: xxx" The PVM Arena should now spawn bosses more regularly and support more, allowing server restarts to have PVM Arena be ready to go right away Other various background work that helps me develop a bit faster! Thanks for checking out today's updates, Chaflie, and the staff team at Near-Reality
  10. Game Updates | 3/22/2019

    Hey Near-Reality! Just a quick round of fixes, and drop table changes today to prepare for the weekend. RDI should now be working properly again There should no longer be any weird instances where your map resets itself, and should help with the lag issues The Ganodermic Beast, and Battle Mages have received all new drop tables, check them out in-game! The "old" client has been re-added back to the "Play" button (along with the new client), in case the new client isn't working properly. I'd love to get in touch with anyone that the new client isn't working for, and get a sense of why it's not working so I can do elite code hacking to make it work across all machines for everyone. If you are having issues with the new client, please start a conversation with me in-game or on the forums so that we can work together. Thanks! Chaflie & the staff at Near-Reality
  11. Game Updates | 3/21/2019

    Hey Near-Reality! The latest update is now live! Here are the details Child interface id's will no longer show in the tool tips when hovering over buttons Loyalty programme now shows how many points you have in the title of the interface Quest tab has now become the information tab and has been revamped You can now join a FFA lobby if you are wearing items/equipment, as they will now auto-bank for you ::gano command should work properly now Clean up of some typos Introduction of the Grim Chest! A new chest that will spawn on a random timer is making it's way to the wilderness.. Do you have the guts to find the Grim Key and loot this chest before it disappears? Find all new epic loot that should make the wilderness a much more rewarding experience, but only if you're willing to risk it all.
  12. [REQUIRED] New Client Download

    Hello Near-Reality! It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of our latest client download. This client is now connected to my personal client updating algorithm (I was never given access to the old one), and effectively destroys the ".exe" client for good! This is a mandatory re-download that everyone must commit to, or they will be in trouble when I begin to make massive core changes to the client, including chat encoding & decoding! I request that we all help everyone get onto the new client so that no one misses a beat when I begin to do client updates, and those that assist in making sure everyone knows about it will be appreciated WITH ALL OF MY HEART. You can download the new client here: play now! If you do not, or are unsure if you have Java 8+ installed onto your computer, please make sure to download and install Java 8 on the link provided in that link! Included in this original launch of the new client, we have fixed models for all equipped items (for example, invisible models based on where your camera lined up), and introduced the new 200% zoom for resizable mode! Thank you all, and I'm extremely excited to begin making even more changes to Near-Reality! Chaflie, and the staff team at Near-Reality
  13. Game Updates | 3/19/2019

    Hi Roo, this was an error on another staff member's part, and I had some information for development mixed up. The items that were for sale, were actually meant to be their sell-to-the-store prices. Thanks! Chaflie
  14. Game Updates | 3/19/2019

    Hello Near-Reality! The following fixes, additions, and changes have been applied to the game. As always, thank you for playing Near-Reality, and I hope these changes improve your game play! The timer for the World Boss, and Ganodermic Beast will now display "approximately x hours, and x minutes" to better see how long until they arrive. The World Boss can no longer hit you if you are in the banking lobby The Legendary Donator Island World Boss can now only be attacked if you are inside of the cow pen, meaning that safe spotting the World Boss is no longer possible here Additionally, the World Boss's respawn timer at the Legendary Donator Island is now 1 hour instead of 50 seconds The Explorer's Ring found on the World Boss drop table can now be charged with 50 rare fragments, and 35 voting points to receive twenty (20) charges, allowing you to use the Explorer's Ring to teleport directly to the World Boss lair Tekton's drops will now appear in front of his anvil, rather than at your feet There are now a whole host of new items you can sell to the Rare Fragment shop for rare fragments! The Champion's Scroll is now 35 fragments The Orante Katana has been added to the fragment shop for 1,000 fragments You can sell the following items: Warrior ring (Kept on death) sells for 5 rare frags Seer's ring (Kept on death) sells for 5 rare frags Archers ring (Kept on death) sells for 5 rare frags Berserker ring (Kept on death) sells for 5 rare frags Onyx ring (I) sells for 5 rare frags Bandos Godsword sells for 5 rare frags Saradomin Godsword sells for 5 rare frags Zamorak Godsword sells for 5 rare frags Statius Full Helm (DEG) sells for 5 rare frags Zuriel's Hood (DEG) sells for 2 rare frags Morrigan's coif (DEG) sells for 2 rare frags Tyrannical Ring sells for 10 rare frags Hand Cannon sells for 5 rare frags Ancient Mace sells for 5 rare frags Ganodermic Visor sells for 5 rare frags Steadfast Boots sells for 5 rare frags Glaiven Boots sells for 5 rare frags Ragefire boots sells for 5 rare frags Primal Spear sells for 150 rare frags Primal Longsword sells for 10 rare frags Ornate Katana sells for 100 rare frags Cleaned up the dialogue and world announcements for the Well of Goodwill Cleaned up the world announcements, force chats, and dialogue for the Ganodermic Beast Changed the color of world announcements slightly so that you can distinguish them from the clan chat better Thank you! Chaflie and the staff team at Near-Reality
  15. Game Updates | 3/18/2019

    Hey Near-Reality! I'm pleased to announce that the following updates are now live in-game. World Boss Changes The World Boss now spawns in a specific location, the all new World Boss Lair! This new lair promotes group activity and socialization to effectively bring down the World Boss. You'll need to be sharp and quick with your PvM skills if you wish to access the incredible drop table. Altered the "default" drops, adding 5 rare fragments, an overload, and retaining 25 noted anglerfish. You now have to access the World Boss by heading to the Spirit Tree located at the Grand Exchange You should notice a new "Explorer's Ring(4)" drop on the drop table, we wonder what that could be for... You can now sell the Champion's Scroll on the Grand Exchange Double Experience & PK Points are now only available on weekends Thanks, and let us know what you think of the new updates! Chaflie, and the Near-Reality Staff Team

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