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    I like this idea very much. There are a few people skilling really hard, but there is no reward at all. so +1
  2. Game Updates | 27 March 2020

    - Voting now gives a 1.25x boost in XP, not 2x <- I dont like this one
  3. Jimba's retirement

    Thanks for everything you have done for this server. You are a good guy xxx You number1 Foreigner: Marco Polo!
  4. Trading post poll

    I miss the third option: update the TP so it is possible to sell cheaper items like skilling supplies
  5. Staff update - November 1st

    Really sad to see Espire leaving the crew. Congratz to those who became staff.
  6. Rare Account Names

    Why? Do you want your name Justin Bieber back? ^^
  7. Just @crucio

  8. Thnx Aussie for making a update thread! Goodbye for those who left an congratz for those who got promoted !
  9. Keep us in the loop?

    I think they would post it, if there were any updates.. gna gna
  10. LAG

    Yep, its sad...
  11. What are the plans right now?

    We always hear about amazing plans and big updates.. but they never come :-)
  12. [Resigned] Sldmark

    Atleast I left you a fancy forum sign. LOC? XD
  13. Where u at Posin

    Thats not a win? XD
  14. Where you at Kevin?

    LOOOOOOOOOOOl this made me laugh irl

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