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  1. Selling High Level Oldschool Account

    TL;DR Dont trust Delta/Iron Alpha this kids been toxic since arrival. Discussed with him for about a week about this account didnt end up buying, he randomly messages me saying he wants to give me it after a long story and trying to seem all genuine... Few days later account is stolen back and email and password changed, DO NOT trust Delta lol. I knew it was gonna happen which is why I didnt put any bank on there just like 20m for a torture and dh set for NMZ. Not mad either it was more funny and sad lol, tip for future "scammers" dont constantly msg the person saying "Hows the account going bro" lol seems very sus especially after claiming "Im done with RS and NR for good". This dude really is a piece of shit lmao acting all genuine damn shame

    +1 Who knows if this is IT to fix the server, but its a step in right direction and a good example of what players like and use. Should def pay attention and expand on this thread
  3. Re-Add Diverse Items

    +1 Af lol Make nr great again bring back the GOOD SHIT
  4. Bandos Avatar update

    Lmao not arguing with you bud, Legit thought you didnt know sheesh
  5. Bandos Avatar update

    Safespot removed
  6. Wilderness chest idea.

    Actually not a bad idea at all +1
  7. Ganodermic items

    The multi pkers are the ones yelling "bring it all to wildy" lol so you can clanman mode and gangbang at all bosses? Do you guys not own Gano and the Revs cave already? The boss is fine
  8. Relaunch information - 23/10/2019

    In other words... Cayleb: Sit jacmob bout damn time too
  9. Keep us in the loop?

    You're being led a stray, run a muck, bamboozled, hoodwinked all that
  10. Near-Reality back online!

    ty for efforts, but if its not EOC I dont want it
  11. New Lead Developer

    Welcome Benb! Thats awesome!
  12. Bear Squad [PK/PVM Clan]

    IGN: Kunftul Why you want to join: Fuck it why not lol not in a clan anyhow Where you have the most trouble with "PKers": Wildy Slay and Revs usually. I get stalked with alts and tbed throughout
  13. How to save nrpk... (critical post)

    I was kinda following a bit then the No staff just threw me right off
  14. Game Updates 13.0.17 | 19th August 2019

    Nice Work Ty for the efforts

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