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  1. Effects of Full Vesta/Statius

    inb4 he just had a dragon hunter lance. It hits over 110 in bsh vesta without the slayer double. On dragons/hydra that is
  2. Rejuvenation Pools

    I understand they were finally fixed, but without a teleport inside your own house they are 100% useless. These pools were fixed not too long ago, but are just at too big of a inconvenience to get too. Which to this I have 2 solutions to fix this problem. First would be a simple teleport to inside your own player owned house. (house tabs exist, but teleport you to edgeville) A second idea would be to add a spot to build the pool near the ::die, ::rdi, and ::ldi teleports, since the pool is better than the nurse and the thing in the middle of rdi. Since it doesnt reset all boosted stats to normal. On a side note, some1 should fix the max hit dummys in player owned houses. Just so they exist in game.
  3. All the JARS

    Let them be a 1 time use to change the color of the players skin to the color of the jar. 1 time use, unlocks skin color in the makeover mage. Since PVP to unlock a cosmetic skin color is dumb imo. They will still be a pretty useless drop, but would at least be something thats not just a house cosmetic. Wouldn't be opposed to making them untradeble to make it feel like an achievement either. Made it a poll for the ones who don't like to post, but do like 1 buttom replys.
  4. Helping me with comp cape

    prob falls under pkp boosting rules. Feelsbad why there is those pvp tasks when pvp is dead af.
  5. Kinda curious...

    I was around og nr starting around v4-v5 til it ended. The good old days of vegetakid pking with edited stats (and talking shit while doing so) and deg vesta where you could take it off while falling over to keep it on death. RIP too all my thousands of screenshots tho. One was on a imageshack that has 7 pages of image descriptions without the images. Other was imgur that did the same thing too all my old shit.
  6. Tradable Infernal Poll

    Should be tradeble, big RIP to those who obtain more than 1. Should be a rewarding drop/donation/lbox reward. Plus none of the other high tier capes are untradeble.
  7. @whoever re added cele staff

    The koadai is suppose to be 30 magic 30 magic dmg having the accuracy bonus over ceelestail staff. Cele staff would be slightly worse, but still on par with being better than the other staffs in game. Currently it is doodoo water and needs at least 25-30 magic damage not to be. If you dont want to change it stats, remove it from the game. Don't bait people with a high drop rate for a chaotic staff...... Also whats wrong with making magic items stronger??? Mage is by far so weak its dumb, also kodai is suppose to cast slightly faster than any staff. Mage is still going to be useless compared to blowpipes and limes, so i don't see why not have it be actual upgrades stats wise when you add new weapons for it. OR are we BLOWPIPE MASTER RACE and fuck the rest of the weapons. Or just give more mobs really high range defence and lower magic defence, so people have a reason to own a mage set. Because currently there is no reason to own any mage items for anything besides pvp.
  8. @whoever re added cele staff

    You gave it garbage water ass stats. It is suppose to have the stats that the (b) one has in the item search. 20 magic and 30 magic dmg. Instead it has 25 magic and 20 magic damage.....That is not noticeably different from a c staff. It has 7 more magic....which does NOTHING that you can notice. Losing 10 magic damage makes this item 100% useless. Just use a chaotic staff. Even if you think 30 magic dmg is too high for the hardest to obtain staff in game (currently). It should still have more than a chaotic staff. NOTE TO ANAYONE BUYING THIS ITEM. IT IS A COSMETIC CHAOTIC STAFF UNLESS IT GETS STATS FIXED. It has 7 more magic in the offence. Which is a tiny accuracy boost. AKA garbage. Also if you think its "too strong" for pking. Give it a 1gp protect value.
  9. Just some QoL things

    Make the ::Sb (spellbook swap) command work for DIE+ or RDI+ rank- this shouldn't be locked behind a 1k donation, it is not game changing enough to require that much in my opinion. Disabled inside the wilderness. make the ::pb (prayerbook swap) command work for DIE+ or RDI+- Again this shouldn't be locked behind a 1k donation for a somewhat useful command. Also disable it in the wilderness. add ::recharge command back for RDI+ or LDI. had no cooldown (not opposed to adding a cooldown), refilled prayer. Disabled in combat and in the wilderness. Add a ::restore command back for LDI players. had a 90 or 180 sec cooldown refilled hp, prayer, and special attack. Disabled in the wilderness and disabled in combat. Maybe a command to teleport to the star for LDI players also. Stars don't get a lot of love, at least then more people actually might do this content. Add a bank booth or bank chest to RDI (and LDI, not sure if it has one) Just for access to the preset interface in those zones. Add slayer master and wild slayer master to RDI and LDI npc spots. - DIE has one, so why not add them to the higher doner zones also.
  10. Vet rank

    my vet rank loc?
  11. Quick Suggestion

    NTY on run energy. But boss points sound neat.
  12. Update Nex Helms

    they can be used for pvp. Because slayer helms dont work in pvp.
  13. Just remove left click options on all pets. Its annoying to have a pet out just to miss click it when doing various things in the game. just make it where you have to right click them to get their options. So people can show off their pets without them being a hindrance to game play.
  14. Droptables

    the 2 random bosses at rdi who lost their drops. Those 2 ugly ass things that drop coins. give them something or replace them. They are 100% useless.

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