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  1. Vet rank

    It's in there
  2. Vet rank

    You can still purchase vet rank from the loyalist shop @ ::trade for 500k loyalist points.
  3. I am I Hate Spots

    Hey spots
  4. Raids (Restricted Items)

    Thank you!
  5. QoL

    +1 would be nice to have this
  6. rdi bank

    Type ::bank then hit Control + X which copies it, then any time you need to open your bank do Control + V. It pastes it and you hit enter. Very helpful!
  7. rdi bank

    A bank on RDI would just be cosmetic in my opinion. I keep my Ctrl. V as ::bank and I would highly recommend.
  8. rework on ::commands

    I don't believe we need more wilderness teleports, +1 to the list being cleaned up and organized as well as to the boss teleports. This would be a great update for new players to be able to more easily navigate NR. Great suggestion!
  9. Top 10 Disc Golf Aces - My First YouTube Video

    Nice, I've tried disc golf a couple of times and I stink so I quit haha
  10. Game Update 13.1.8 | 13 June 2020

    Awesome update with a lot of good fixes and changes, Thank you Arham for all of the hard work!
  11. Going to Rehab

    We cant wait for your return, and I hope you get the help you are seeking. Best of wishes to you!
  12. Put in a spliff

    Nice kills!
  13. Weekend Events 6/12-6/14

    Welcome Back Flint! Cant wait to see all of the events!
  14. Rune Pouch Limit/Fix

    +1 with either way!
  15. #NOMERCY

    Great to see the clan activities picking up, goodluck to you all!

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