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  1. Hi guys! Bringing a few updates to you today. I appreciate all the support you've given us the past month and a half through our turbulent launch period. Hopping across the pillars in the Revenant Caves no longer fully locks your character, making them immune to damage. The "player has reached max level" achievement will no longer be announced if you haven't actually maxed. Lime whips now only have a 70 attack requirement to be equipped. Brutal Dragons have had their animations fixed. Zulrah now has a proper death animation. Aviansies have had the drop amoun
  2. Hi guys! Just a few small changes today. Starting today, we will be rotating the Rare Fragment Store at ::trade each week, thus this update also brings a few backend changes that allow us to make this process smoother. We would also like to make note, these store changes will happen once a week, they will be always sometime on Monday. This will include online store changes and rare fragment store changes. Additions to the Rare Fragment Shop: Infernal Cape (2500 Fragments) Gorilla Greegree (1000 Fragments) Ninja Monkey Gree Gree (1000 Fragments) R
  3. Ironman stand alone. King Black Dragon drops visages, or even a Dragon kite-shield. However, if you need protection from dragonfire, the General Store at Edgeville sells Anti-dragon shields. Happy hunting! Kind regards, Dread, the Dragon Slayer.
  4. Hi guys! Coming at you with another few updates and bug fixes. Dharok's animations are now fixed properly Multi-zones have been changed to emulate Oldschool RuneScape's wilderness zones Runite Ore daily task lowered from 100 to 50 Demonic Gorillas now change attack styles after missing 3 attacks, and switches prayers after 50 damage is done Tournament PKP increased from 50 to 125 A bug causing tournament rounds to stall after a player teleports out has been fixed The ::discord command has had it's link update to correctly redirect to the Discor
  5. Hi guys, got a couple bug fixes to bring to you today: Tournaments will now work as intended, we will be working on an automated system, but for now we will be hosting them daily manually. The stats on Craw's Bow has been buffed by 20% Thammaron's Sceptre can now autocast The pillars in the Revenant Caves have been fixed and now work as intended Pathing in RDI has been fixed The Font of Consumption now works again as intended The awarding of elo should work again, and should be more informative about when it decides against awarding elo. Yo
  6. Ideally with tomorrows update, it's high on the list of priority fixes. As far as I'm aware it's just related to pathfinding to specific mobs?
  7. Hi guys! Today brings a few small updates, mostly related to how elo is distributed, and a few changes. Elo is now only awarded to players with a combat level of 126. The "recent kill" timer has been reduced from 30 minutes to 10 minutes, which means that bounty hunter targets will be assigned more frequently. Elo now follows the same recent kill rules as the other pk rewards. The amount of elo awarded in multi-zones has been changed from 2-5, down to 1-3 The cooking pet has been changed from the Fairy Chef to the Goblin Cook, to resolve an issu
  8. Hey guys! Today marks the implementation of the three Revenant weapons! Craw's Bow Viggora's Chainmace Thammaron's Sceptre These item's drop from the monster's in the Revenant Caves at a rate of 1/2500, and provide a 50% damage and accuracy increase to all monsters in the wilderness. To do this, the uncharged weapon must first be activated with 1,000 Revenant Ether, and then charged with additional Revenant Ether (up to 16,000) per hit. Be careful, however, as all ether is lost on death and the weapon becomes uncharged, regardless
  9. Hi guys! I've got another few small updates and bug fixes to bring to you today. The sled has been fixed and now gives the proper, equipable item. A warning confirmation dialogue has been added to all teleports that lead to Lv20 Wilderness or higher. This can be toggled on or off at the Security Guard at Edgeville. Corporeal Beast no longer requires a minimum damage to be eligible for rewards - drops are given to the top 5 damage dealers. Godwars Dungeon mobs no longer lose aggression when relogging in a boss room. A 5 second immunity has been added to the t
  10. Hi guys, just a few super quick updates today as we prepare for some larger patches. Kraken's position on the world map has been updated to it's correct location The chicken outfit from Ship Ticket Shop 2 is now equippable You can now use all of the hair colours provided by the Makeover Mage. Previously the game would reject the appearance change, saying that it's invalid. This is not currently fixed for the other body part colours, as there are issues with invisible models at the moment. Starter packs have been properly limited to 2 per user, 1 per account. Some
  11. Hi there everyone! I'd like to preface this topic by apologizing for the lack of content updates. I've spent a good portion of my time rewriting a bunch of back-end infrastructure related code to help us survive the load. This has been finalized for the most part, though logins will continue to be a hit-or-miss at times until we migrate the forums to a different host. For transparency sake, this is because Hyperfilter (our website host) doesn't allow remote database connections, thus we are unable to spin up a replica database to use for login request processing and are required (for the
  12. Hey guys! Today's update is super small, but figured I'd get it out sooner rather than later due to popular demand. I'm currently working on re-structuring a lot of our back end to support the increase in resource demand, and as such most of my time is currently dedicated to that. This includes the login server, and improving the stability of communication between the game and forums. We have some really great features planned for the future, so I just ask that you have some patience while we work on improving the stability and responsiveness of the server first. Today'
  13. Only the latest and greatest pickaxe in Fashion-Reality

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