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  1. Development Blog | February 21st, 2021

    A tier 80 crossbow that can't use tier 61 bolts? hmmmmmmmmm
  2. Development Blog | February 21st, 2021

    Omg finally some ccb news
  3. Community assistance

    Imagine letting people apply for the beta for no reason
  4. Top 12 PKers error

  5. 100M Release Giveaway

  6. let us play old server -.-

    you dont need the old server to play with yourself
  7. Looking to buy 15-30m OSRS

    Ill take a 50 euro amazon giftcard
  8. Hi

    Sup @crucio
  9. Cool profile :modjac:

    1. Rytur


      thank you daddydigi

  10. why can't we play normal server?

    Jix just sit tight and give it plus or minus five days.. Not that hard.
  11. Lamb of god

    wb lamb idiot
  12. Private Beta & Roadmap


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