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  1. Selling 130m 07

  2. Selling 130m 07

    Selling 130m 07 looking to get 6,700 apex legends coins code (PC) for all of it can be bought on amazon will take equivalent value in amazon gift card Discord: Specter#9488
  3. What You Driving?
  4. Bandos Avatar

  5. Bandos Avatar

    Bitch all they want they have done nothing to help or make a difference
  6. Bandos Avatar

    Lol this has little impact on making us richer as I’ve killed at least over 20 and have gotten 2 drops worth about 300-400m total and seeing you have no money invested in the game that’s easy for you to say
  7. Bandos Avatar

    They’re only flooded right now because people who were refunded donor pts bought a bunch of them
  8. Bandos Avatar

    So with the recent nerf on the Bandos Avatar, there is no longer safe-spotting available which has caused in a decreased amount of people actually wanting to take the time and kill it, I've literally had to sit there and spam yell for people to show up and help. I have a few suggestions that will give it a little more incentive for people to want to kill it and be okay with this nerf. Remove 1/50 drop: Ancient Mace Replace with: 1/50 drop: Legendary Mystery Box Remove 1/40 drop: 250x Frost Dragon Bones Replace with: 1/40 drop: Super Mystery Box Increase the rare fragments amount each kill from x5 to x15-20 and make a rare 50-100x rare fragments drop 1/100 UPDATE THE RARES STORE WEEKLY IN B4 LOOT PINATA
  9. The only ones I see complaining about this are people who aren’t ldi and haven’t supported the game
  10. more credits

    They dont have it on there because not many people will donate that much at once, but im sure if you reach out to Cayleb or Mod Jacmob they would strike a deal if you were looking to donate this all at once

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