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  1. Just POG

    sup bb i miss u
  2. Selling 5 di or die pins [OSRS]

    ill buy all 3m ea
  3. buying bulk d pins osrs!

    Buying bulk d pins 3m osrs ea my fee
  4. this sums it up the most, didn't they make the announcement in december? I've seen other server fix raids within 1 week and this has taken over 4+ months.

    idk why u guys keep playing, this literally happens every time and then you keep crying about it
  6. ham rules

    dead server
  7. Pins

    ill buy d pins 2m osrs ea
  8. Uimpsy's Birthday Lime Giveaway

    happy birthday 63
  9. remove bp from shop

    lets remove all blowpipe ing first and then take it out from shop
  10. Relaunch information - Change of date

    take all the time u need, rather perfect something than to fuck it up
  11. Near-Reality 2.0 - Important Information

    we'll see, if the dev team is gonna stick up to their words or just rake in 2k and then bail XD
  12. Hey Guys

    you're a great guy, but all those rsps u made are meh
  13. Selling 89pins for 535m osrs

    ill buy all 330k ur fee
  14. signing off- rubber ducky

    facts, game is dead. might as well shut down right now until they release it again

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