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  1. Yh


    Smithing pet (snow imp) doesn't reduce coal by half. Making bolts on ironman gives almost no xp. Visual glitch when having 3 ruby bolt tips. Forums on safari (and maybe other browsers) requires authenticor code every time you log in. Sometimes, completing full barbarian agility course does not give xp or tickets. Cooking herring gives like no xp. Duo slayer no longer works. Duel Arena teleport doesn't work for hcim's. (Edits may occur, as I find more bugs)
  2. Yh

    Mysterious emblem

    Tier 1 should be tradeable and it should be a guaranteed drop after every target kill. Killing 15 people for 1 emblem is way too much.
  3. After pking a bit, getting tier 1 emblem as drop from target kill takes me about 15 kills and as soon as you die with it, it's gone forever. Also its extremely difficult to get to tier 10 if you're a dh pker. It has also come to my attention that tier 1 is not tradeable like it is in osrs. That's why I suggest either removing the achievement for tier 10 or make tier 1 tradeable and easier to get. Edit: (Mysterious emblem in pkp store for 1k ea?)
  4. I agree that it takes a long time to complete all the achievements. Some achievements should be adjusted to match the other achievements in their respective difficulty.
  5. Yh

    [B] D Pin OSRS

    i can sell you 6, hm you buying for?
  6. Selling bulk pins for 07 gp, pm me ingame or comment on this topic
  7. Remember the first near reality version where the trading spot was behind the bank? a lot of players there

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