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  1. Lmao this guy loves a good troll
  2. We're still in early days of release. We did testing before launch. We have 450+ online, Problems will occur and we're aware + fixing Be patient as we get through!
  3. As if you remembered that! I do remember paying someone frosts bones for a signature, I can't understand why I don't have it anymore though :S Also, Are you sure it was Hentai? Lmao! Awesome! Look forward to working with you
  4. Hey welcome back to NR! It's awesome to see returning players from back in the day. GFX You say? How about whipping me up a sick signature, I'll be your first customer :D!
  5. Pets

    Im back

    Welcome back mate we all missed you too!
  6. Pets

    Launch Events

    Ooooo I might have to try for the quickest cox time > : )
  7. Oiii now that's a plan! I still haven't actually decided what to do yet, And if i'm playing my main or my iron.. I have no clue yet D:
  8. I mean, I definitely have my plans in my old nogin , But if i told you then maybe it'd make them less effective once we relaunch I think i miiiight have to just keep it a secret for now ;)!
  9. Pets


    Welcome Sander!
  10. Welcome back lad! Good to see you here again and I do look forward to seeing you in-game
  11. Ye can't argue with Bruno, Mans got a voice!
  12. Looking good Flint i like some of those!
  13. Pets


    Hey and welcome back to NR!
  14. Pets


    Konnichiwa! Good to have you hear Setup

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