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  1. getting semi lucky with mbox

    if only they had value
  2. Slayer

    this please
  3. Second Revs drop

    one clan controls revs
  4. Near-Reality Events 26/07-28/07

  5. Fight 2 zulrah at same time

    And yet all i got was one fucking drop.........
  6. Game Updates 13.0.9 | 24th July 2019

    i cant wait for the clans camping revs 24/7 to get these drops!!
  7. Buff revs/target cash.

    lmao dont you and your clan butt buddies camp revs?
  8. Trading Post Guide

    um ok?
  9. Found bug dont use auto typer

    If u use an auto typer theres a small chance that when u click on an item while its active it either drops the item or deletes it. GG my ags.
  10. Been grinding since July 1

    i wish they would fix the clouds so they actually appear when they are there
  11. So who's here from before 2015?

    im the real og my dudes
  12. Big fricken OOF

    is a pvmer, i understand
  13. Big fricken OOF


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