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  1. One big LoL

    Bit of a reach if I must say so myself
  2. lol a month later still?

    u rite haha
  3. PSA

    Question mark
  4. Guide to beating Waydar

    Waydar #1 scammer
  5. Just POG

  6. Near-Reality Downtime

  7. Blood Keys

    I like the idea of it always being dropped on death. Makes sense to me to have it that way. The other part about tb and barraging might be difficult as I think that would make it apply to every key that's dropped, maybe they would be able to create a spawned version (event) vs a dropped version (pking) of each key or something like that.
  8. Blood Keys

    I agree with the aspect of making the spawned keys silver+ and making it a good chance for it to be higher tier I also think there should be a level requirement to stop people from making accounts that are able to pick up the keys and not get attacked sine they're such low level
  9. Game Updates | 6 July 2020

    Thanks ham and devs
  10. How to avoid being PKed and safely wild PVM!

    Thanks for the bug report!
  11. Game Updates 14.1 | 4 July 2020

    ty ham
  12. PKP Shop & Bounty

    The pvp items prices are wrong at the moment, Jacmob said that in game yesterday As for the BH shop, I agree it is rather outdated
  13. v14 Launched!

    I don't understand this logic. Unforeseen problems and issues happen all the time in projects in every single industry, every single day, which then makes things get delayed. Why are you holding NR to such a high standard of perfection? And I'm talking the present specifically, not what's happened in the past.
  14. V14 HYPE + GIVEAWAY!

    Nice video
  15. bank updated :D

    small b0nk

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