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  1. This is debatable. I hate to disagree with you. The staff just added the infernal cape to the very same shop for the very same reason you suggested to add Thok's. That aside, I would not like Thok's introduced until we have a semi stable economy. I think adding in such an item would only further ruin the economy. I would suggest you take your concept of removing in game items in order to cleanse the eco (which i support) and revise the Thok's sword element. -1 p.s. I like @Trippy's idea. Check his reply on this thread out, it is appealing and
  2. #58 Grats! Let's arrange a time to transfer your Katana. Thanks to all who participated, was a fun giveaway!
  3. Drawing will be held on discord in 30 minutes. 1-66* gl!!! I will pm winner on forums and in-game! Good luck!
  4. Psy


    Good work man, looks sweet.
  5. Huge congratulations for Aussie and Espire and a warm welcome back to SldMark!
  6. These would be really nice, I can support this. +1
  7. Psy

    Lime Frenzy !

    Big respekt for the new lime king.
  8. Psy's Dirty ole' Katana Giveaway! Each comment will be given a number. I will do a draw on the discord general chat on Saturday, August 10th at 6pm EST. Rules: 1 comment per person. Any people who post twice on this thread will be disqualified. Comment, then edit what your number once it has been posted in ascending number from previous posters. Ex. poster 1 is 1, poster 2 is 2 and so on. I will be using the random Google number generator to determine the winner. Last Comment will be counted on August 10, 5:30pm. Any staff with spawning capab
  9. Congrats! Keep up the good worker brother, I can always appreciate an iron's progress.
  10. Congrats to all the Top Pkers this month!
  11. Psy


    @Cayleb I'll begin posting the bugs more formally on the forums. I meant that there are other ways of donating, but I had no idea until I asked every staff. You cannot control what order I got my gear, but it wikia was updated I wouldn't have just blindy made a UIM account when I joined the game. I didn't know there were specific steps I need to do things in because wikia is not updated. And nobody has posted UIM guides. Also I get the Ely value in wildy, but why the spirit cape? Never did ask for giveaways or for anything for 'free'. Ironmen stand alone, I'm talking abou
  12. THIS GUIDE IS FOR ::DIE+ Donators Plane-Freezers Lakrahnaz are a very stong monster located at ::die. This is where the full guide will take place. We will be using Ancient Magics in this guide, but range as well as other mage forms work as well. Please use all of your best in slot gear for the attack styled used. The image below shows exactly where to stand in regards to the rock formations in order to safe-spot. In order to get the Planefreezer to this location, you must first attack them while standing on this spot. You will automatically move. Return to this spot a
  13. Psy


    **Disclaimer** This is a rant. It has no clear thesis or structure. I'm sure there are those out there who disagree with some or all of my points, but this is my opinion. There are 0 events to participate in. 0. You do not feel like part of the server. if you don't get rune pouch right away before you have anything to risk you can't get one. For anyone who says "You can sell to Pkp2 store", you need to trade in 10 tassets for the pouch. You have items that are valued at 0gp, so you can't even attempt to fight people without risking Spirit cape/Ely etc. It hones
  14. Nice update! I know people have been complaining about RDI for a long time.

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