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  1. Slayer Pet Buff

    Crawling Hand Buff --- *Adding the ability to chose your own slayer task every 12 hours or 24 hours. *Another possibility would be to have the crawling hand pet extend a current task. As it is now the crawling hand can be a double-edged sword that could extend a possibly unwanted slayer task as they are randomly assigned. All other suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
  2. Make Nex more enjoyable

    I agree that a ::nex teleport would be convenient and the warning is unnecessary quite frankly hindersome. Currently, only one player can receive loot even though several players may participate in vanquishing it, so I'd like to see nex become a private instance.
  3. Petition to remove Bandos Avatar

    The Bandos Avatar isn't overpowered in terms of providing "awesome" loot. It's like the same as a Gano without it being in the wilderness and can take just as long or longer. It has a base health of 80k and requires quite a few comrades to vanquish.
  4. Relaunch information - Change of date

    I agree it's best to make sure we are ready this time around. Keeping our promise of content releases is the first step to rebuilding and earning back the community's trust! I also want to state that I'm very thankful for our developers who are working tirelessly to improve Near-Reality. Actions speak louder than words and they have done a tremendous job working toward completing raids, improving our trade system, implementing presets and numerous other game mechanics.
  5. Relaunch Updates | 23rd November 2019

    Good job mate!
  6. Relaunch Updates | 9th November 2019

    Keep up the great work, HAM!
  7. Cosmetic deathcape upgrades.

    Sounds cool +1 Some questions that might arise: If this item combine is completed is the item now untradable? Is there a boost in stats? Can the two items be detached and reverted to their original state? And additionally, will the spirit and mythical capes be changed into an ornamental kit from their current state of being cosmetic?
  8. Some Suggestions

    Most of the suggestions are good except I like the slayer pet how it is; maybe make the drop rate of the monster heads more difficult to obtain.
  9. Pin trade in

    Perhaps, changing my original idea and simplifying may suffice. Simply, turn-in donator pins for store credit.
  10. Pin trade in

    I'd like to see a pin trade-in implemented in the next release? What do I mean by a pin trade-in? Well, I'd like for players to have the ability to trade in their donator pins for inferno capes and other desireable items, thus a practical money-sink to stabilize the economy. Yes, players can spend store points to buy some of the suggested items however pins change hands to non-donators and this is an option to control the excess pins floating about in the economy. Items that pins could be traded for: Inferno cape Monkey GreeGree Sled Magic Secateurs (Bonus Farm Harvesting and XP is modified) Ale of Gods Trident of the seas Christmas Tree hat Gladiator Outfit pets that are not in-game and other desireable items The goals of this endeavor are to lower the quantity of donator island pins in the economy and increase their value in an NRGP to OSRS ratio. Why should the Near-Reality team listen to my suggestion? Supply and demand. When there is too much of something and not enough buyers the value of it significantly decreases (price deflation) and in this case, we are referring to donator island pins. If the price is deflated by too much then individuals who seek to purchase and redeem them can simply acquire OSRS gold and attain the pins at a much cheaper rate and this lowers the number of donations and capital the Near-reality development team has to work with. So in short my plan allows for a meaningful item exchange, a method of stabilizing the economy and an increase in the flow of capital.
  11. Chaotic Weapons

    Please put them back in the ship shop and remove their frag value. The decision to remove them from the ship ticket shop has harmed the server in the following ways: This decreases the number of chaotic weapons in the game, thus increasing the value of these mid-tier weapons making it difficult for newer players to attain them, which aids in their grind for better gear. Increasing the price also means fewer people are willing to pk with them because of risk reduction. Most of the money from pkers will be allocated toward a spec weapon; thus, it lowers the quality and variety of player killing.
  12. Lime Pick

    Currently, the lime pickaxe acts as a rune pick. If possible please buff the speed to that of the dragon or a bit faster, please. Aesthetically, it's quite beautiful but as aforementioned, it needs improvements in functionality.
  13. White Inferno Cape

    I contend that it doesn't offer you, nor the community a "purposeful" benefit as it is simply a troll item attainable like the one in a million lime whip. However, the reasoning isn't to create or do anything meaningful but to add a gimmicky addition to the game for those cow challengers and it takes fives mins to recolor an inferno cape and composite the animation.
  14. Just a Show of hands

    PvM, merchanting and making friends.
  15. White Inferno Cape


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