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  1. PVM Combat & Slayer Helmets

    RuneScape did a combat change (EoC) for the same very reason Nr has. We all seen how it turned out, even though they were just trying to help. The sever looks the same to me since 2010, with a few items introduced... and everyone kept coming back to this combat system, and for this combat system. I agree though that wilderness changes need to be made, like catching a freeze every cast.
  2. Iron Goyim's progress

    First progress post since reset. There is no way I'm going to surpass my previous iron record however I wanted to share what I've managed to get since release.. also I wanted to point out that I have gotten every hydra drop except for Pet and Eye... and what I decided to do was take my Hydra drops except for the lancer, xfering them, selling for pins, osrs, then donating osrs for my infernal cape... I know people will find that dirty... however I should have Hydra Leather and on the edge of Brim ring and I sacrificed items I had for an item I did not have... anyways, let me know what you think.. sorry for my sad story
  3. PFH Clan recruitment

    In-Game name: Iron Goyim Mainly PvM however can Pk if needed. I believe Irons should stick together and would make a better gaming experience for all of us.
  4. Near Reality In a Nut Shell

    @Mod Jacmob
  5. What are the plans right now?

    It's lagging like hell
  6. Iron Man Progress Week 5

    that's the plan, however I'm 20-30 dry
  7. Iron Man Progress Week 5

    was a little late on this one.. so many additions I can't remember which is which
  8. Shout out to El Chap0 for the support. We ran into each other daily for almost 5 day's as I grinned my heart out
  9. 1 Month Iron Man Progress

    Additions were Torture Amulet , Torture (or) kit, Callisto Pet, Black H'Ween, Row I, Zgs, Claws, Morgans Top & Bottom. Meanwhile I have been camping moles for many days straight for Death Cape... I've only hit 1.75 kc , I'm not sure if I can do it men... the only items I have ever donated for on this account would be the row i and drop rate increase, note that I did not donate for these two items until very recently during my mole grind, which has been a nightmare. I know some people have gone like 10k though so I can't bitch lol
  10. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    Thanks worked out good

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