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  1. First progress post since reset. There is no way I'm going to surpass my previous iron record however I wanted to share what I've managed to get since release.. also I wanted to point out that I have gotten every hydra drop except for Pet and Eye... and what I decided to do was take my Hydra drops except for the lancer, xfering them, selling for pins, osrs, then donating osrs for my infernal cape... I know people will find that dirty... however I should have Hydra Leather and on the edge of Brim ring and I sacrificed items I had for an item I did not have... anyways, let me know what you thi
  2. In-Game name: Iron Goyim Mainly PvM however can Pk if needed. I believe Irons should stick together and would make a better gaming experience for all of us.
  3. was a little late on this one.. so many additions I can't remember which is which
  4. Shout out to El Chap0 for the support. We ran into each other daily for almost 5 day's as I grinned my heart out
  5. Additions were Torture Amulet , Torture (or) kit, Callisto Pet, Black H'Ween, Row I, Zgs, Claws, Morgans Top & Bottom. Meanwhile I have been camping moles for many days straight for Death Cape... I've only hit 1.75 kc , I'm not sure if I can do it men... the only items I have ever donated for on this account would be the row i and drop rate increase, note that I did not donate for these two items until very recently during my mole grind, which has been a nightmare. I know some people have gone like 10k though so I can't bitch lol
  6. I don't understand why I'm having such a time uploading images... It's only allowing a small amount of kb...
  7. Additions were Green Slayer Helm, Blowpipe (147 KC) , Tormented Demon Pet (1.1k KC) , Korasi (67 KC), B Ring I (1 Gano KC) and some extras

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