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  1. gz on boots brother, wish I had a pair
  2. +1 It's a start. Unfortunately, it starts with PVMing. There are so many options everywhere as far as bossing and your standard NPC that drop substantial loot. Galvek and Gano spawning every half hour bring no real appeal to the wilderness, just extra bosses for PVMers to kill. The PKP shops are unattractive, and have no worth to them. The BH shop is as well useless. The only attractive items are the PVP weapons and Korasi in which will take ages to get due to the risking of tiers and there are easier places to get said items anyway like the Rev caves. BUT Rev caves are camped for PVP items an
  3. Rev Juna


    What's up everyone? How's everything? Welcome to all newcomers and welcome back returnees, again. Good to be back.
  4. Slight delay of Hand Cannon? It's horrendously delayed and bad, it's now a useless dead item.
  5. In all actually I'll log in, then I'll browse all shops out of curiosity. Then I'll start skilling, most likely the annoying shit first. Pking doesn't matter cus I'm #1. I'll kill everyone on my own time hehe.
  6. first thing I will do is claim my free ags.
  7. This vet rank madness needs to be put to an end lol
  8. Oh wow, my condolences.. This shit hits home as I've lost a few of my closest. My heart stretches for the family and those affected. Bless you all and may we find better days to come.
  9. or grow balls and risk that slayer helm.
  10. This would in a sense be handed out by favoritism UNLESS there was some sort of vote by other community members that would need to hold credibility behind their vote. How would data of "significant players" even be collected? Just a bunch of he said/she said. A known staker may not be known by many - example, anyone remember Burger Boy? (Was looked at as #1 staker/eco holder) A known pker may not be known by many - example, anyone remember D Claw Pks? (Was looked at as #1 pker for quite some time before quitting) These 2 players named were well known around even outside of

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