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  1. great work jacmob and team! excited to try nightmare.
  2. fantastic idea! creates a sink on pins, and also gives regular players a chance to get UDI. great thinking team.
  3. good job guys!!!!!! i always die in the wild to pvming so will keep a good eye and report if anything is still weird. Thanks team!
  4. you've already offered more than that lol. i said serious offers only mate. 3 in game, probably won't see very many at all come in.
  5. Seriously offers only. will be closing this thread in two days. highest offer wins. don't come low balling, iv'e had big offers already.
  6. its just a bit silly. kids spamming the global chat with the same message what feels like every 10 seconds. It clogs up the feed and honestly doesn't need to be done.
  7. they have no idea how to PK
  8. Looooooooool dildo got a taste of his own kind. absolutely ragdolled. #SS#
  9. If you are interested in being a part of this clan! Please apply below! Username: OBLISK Pic of KDR: still 0-0 bro im on the build Ingame Status: building / doing achievements (will make clan priority when im built) (lol or ::DIE if thats what this means) Do you have Discord?: yes Any hybriding experience?: yeah not great but everyone knows when i commit i commit. Recruited By: king spots overlord
  10. I want a refund, you guys are taking too long, won't even give us updates. Either tell us what's going on, or give us our money back
  11. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3m? wow.!! Buying bulk d pins 3.5m OSrs………………………………… will buy 300 d pins.
  12. Username: oblisk Do you have discord w/ mic?(mandatory): disc yes mic no Are you an experienced Single/Multi pker?: I've been pking in clans for years but im not good Rate yourself as an NHer 1-10: 1 Do you have any clan experience?: yes Have you been apart of any other clans in NR, which?: pk riot, bbe back in the day. Did you play Old NR: yes first played like 2014? 2015? Recruited by: torn k
  13. im a real shit pker but I slap hard with rcb and dds and always Leroy Jenkins shit to tank for the team so they can concentrate on killing cunts. I always do what im told and listen to calls on disc but I never talk coz my voice is shit. my bank is real small and sometimes I have to take ages to come back coz I have to sell random shit in my bank just to buy some pots and bolts and shit. but ill return as quick as possible.. ill usually forget my spec wep n have to run home and end up teleing right back into the other clan, then get slapped str8 away, gear up and tele back just to realise I l

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