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  1. Refund?

    I want a refund, you guys are taking too long, won't even give us updates. Either tell us what's going on, or give us our money back
  2. Grumbledaddy Apology

    grumble got banned?
  3. Near-Reality Downtime

    this is actually a real kick in the face to us players who have continued to stay online and keep the player base above ten. now you're just gonna shut down. and not even give us a time frame you know most of us are going to move on to other servers eh?
  4. Near-Reality Downtime

    this is going to ruin NR. yall keep fuckin up big time.
  5. v14 Launched!

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL yet another "we are releasing raids" "Oh no we are not releasing raids"
  6. buying bulk d pins osrs!

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3m? wow.!! Buying bulk d pins 3.5m OSrs………………………………… will buy 300 d pins.

    Username: oblisk Do you have discord w/ mic?(mandatory): disc yes mic no Are you an experienced Single/Multi pker?: I've been pking in clans for years but im not good Rate yourself as an NHer 1-10: 1 Do you have any clan experience?: yes Have you been apart of any other clans in NR, which?: pk riot, bbe back in the day. Did you play Old NR: yes first played like 2014? 2015? Recruited by: torn k
  8. The Pride

    im a real shit pker but I slap hard with rcb and dds and always Leroy Jenkins shit to tank for the team so they can concentrate on killing cunts. I always do what im told and listen to calls on disc but I never talk coz my voice is shit. my bank is real small and sometimes I have to take ages to come back coz I have to sell random shit in my bank just to buy some pots and bolts and shit. but ill return as quick as possible.. ill usually forget my spec wep n have to run home and end up teleing right back into the other clan, then get slapped str8 away, gear up and tele back just to realise I left my spec wep at home again.... I constantly forget to put protect from prayer on so the other clans are always getting ags or claws etc off me my kdr is shit as fuck cause ali and spots have killed me countless times at revs. but im keen to fuck shit up, so let me in cunts.
  9. plus 1.... if I wanted to do wildy slayer id do wildy slayer. theres nothing worse than getting 3 wildy slayer tasks in a row from normal slayer...……. and no, "blocking tasks" is not the answer, they just shouldn't be in there plain and simple
  10. Relaunch information - Change of date

    as soon as ya'll said "we're resetting and well be back on dec 1st" i was like yeah they wont be back on dec 1st. if you're not back on dec 7th, myself, (and a large amount of others i reckon) simply wont come back and check. stick to what you commit to.
  11. Relaunch Updates | 9th November 2019

    you saw people selling items cheap on TP? what a time to be alive... we must have been playing different games.
  12. Relaunch Updates | 26th October 2019

    good work team. glad to see progress is being made. this makes me excited for dec 1st.
  13. safety in numbers

    @Trippy you started your clan as pvmers that fight back. now you kick everyone cause there was no one to kill. you are fucked. you will be the first to die every time.
  14. safety in numbers

    ------APPLICATION------ IGN: oblisk Do you have/use Discord: yes Main reason you wish to join: to kill PTFB
  15. Bear Squad [PK/PVM Clan]

    name : oblisk why : cause too many pker noobs try control revs and it's about time we took it back. Most trouble : revs

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