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  1. Any Estimated Release Date?

    you were saying?
  2. Near-Reality Downtime

    So this needs to be said, This is fucking ridiculous. Unless you somehow magically "come back" with full raids, not just TOB, but all off them, nightmare, gauntlet, etc. You're better off just perma shutting down the server. So many times have you asked from us to "give you time" you have had years, and countless excuses. So much time from the players, constant resets, constant BS overall and literally TAKING AWAY from the game with your "updates". As it stands, NR is a joke, and a complete mockery of what it used to be.
  3. Don't wait for perfection

    Kappa, OG Castle wars was the tits. All players have been severely disappointed in the server. Over and Over again, there's no such thing as perfection and a few bugs can be fixed live. Been waiting on raids for years for specifically this server... however still blows my mind that new startup servers are starting with raids 1,2,3, zolcano, gauntlet, nightmare, ect. (servers with maybe two people max as devs) makes you wonder how is it even possible that we are literally years behind the curve.
  4. Store Changes | March 2020

    Just grandfather them in so they keep their rank?
  5. Share your kill log

  6. Important Information | Staff Updates

    This post was needed, thankyou.

    It's not even negativity, I wanted the server to succeed. It's just what I've seen over the last few years, the facts are all out in front with nothing being done to fix it. It's just the same cycle over and over again, always new devs who don't even put forth effort of actually accomplishing getting the server to where it needs to be. The owner is completely gone, and just pockets a paycheck every month, because that's ALL he cares about. Raids shouldn't take over a year between 5+ developers to put into the game, they shouldn't be removing content, they shouldn't be only every week doing minor updates that literally does not effect the game in the slightest, they shouldn't be "updating wilderness" when the server at this point is just a pvm server that only a handful of people are even playing. The updates they promised? Solo devs of their own private servers are putting in full raids in a matter of a couple of weeks. So what honestly is the hold up? I've said it for years, fixing wilderness isn't going to bring players to the server. In fact, I got banned at one point on the forums for saying what the server needs to fix, because that's how dense people are... If Jags wasn't so selfish and actually paid a dev to work on the server, this would probably be a different story... there'd probably be game improving updates pumped out every week, There'd probably be a growing player base every week. I donated with hopes of this server turning around and making a come back. I've put over 1.6k total towards this server, even after resets, hoping things would change. But when an owner doesn't give two shits about a server and shows no presence, it's just going to fall apart. And when the piggy bank is running out, he's just going to let it shut down. Take it as negative, but this is insight from someone who's played NR since 2008, just after Runescape got rid of the wilderness, someone who saw all RSPS's grow and develop, and got into RSPS at it's prime because my neighbor was the lead dev of MoparScape.

    honestly, there's less content than before. Which amazes me.

    because the server is quite literally 3 - 4 years behind, devs are slow, when I'm seeing single person coded serves pop up left and right with GE, Decent skilling, and all the Raids to include the new ones that just released. no new content, stale old content that honestly serves no purpose or add any aspect to this game. No new skills. Constant resets because someone's gotta fund the owner's pocket, and a steady 30- 50 people on, which more than half are alts and mules. but hey, you tell me.
  10. Game Updates | 11th February 2020

    but two weeks to literally fix a lever and add a timer to presets?
  11. Proposal for a launcher with an OS buddy like interface to include: XP tracking interface that includes XP per hour, highscores, trade post avg values, item search etc. Would make it UI friendly and also SUPER convenient for all players. And in my opinion a much need feature if you're looking to attract players.
  12. Game Updates | 11th February 2020

    ah yes, 2+ weeks and only two minor updates. Eta till server dies?
  13. Simply put, ran into getting a reward from treasure trails, however i cannot wield it. That item being the magical watering can. Which, it's a rare, and has a handle so why not? and I'm not sure what the full list of rewards that there are. But if any other rewards have the same issue, to be fixed. Can't be proud of a Rare if you can't show it off.
  14. Advertisement?

    "stop working on raids" "theres a bunch of good suggestions that could add content to the game" "focus on advertising instead of the game" Make up your mind. Also, advertising the server won't at all impede the developers who are working on raids. But hey, someone as dense as you wouldn't understand that
  15. Donator Island(s) teletabs

    Harmless as it may be, it still takes time to implement it. Time that could be used towards actual improvements/ content additions. -1

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