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  1. Important Information | Staff Updates

    I’m just confused on the part last semester we were told you were done with school and would be dedicating your time to near reality full time but that never seemed to have happened. Even after finals were over

    I’m just here for the memes
  3. The truth behind Meridians.

    This is the gayest shit I’ve seen since peewee Herman has been on TV. How bored can you be to have both parties fight back and forth over a dead game? Like is this the only amusement for your guys’ life? I probably get more amusement watching Madison re post the same kill pics than he did killing one person and re posting it multiple times.
  4. 5

    Sounds accurate
  5. 5

    When’s next eco reset?
  6. x

    How bout you post pics of actual pkers dumb fuck or play a server that has more than 30 active people
  7. x

    Wow insane loots bro. Pking on a dead ass server must make you feel accomplished. Attacking 99% pvmers isn’t dominating shit lmao. If you post kill pics at least make this juicy. This looks like a down syndrome kid or devyn1 posted this
  8. Game Updates | 19th February 2020

    Server closed down in October so raids could get finished by the time it re opened. Was told by dec 7th, then January 7th, it’s now almost March and raids still isn’t done. What is that almost 5 months like seriously? No offense but do you know how many times we’ve heard “this dev has gone MIA” like I wonder why. And Jacmob almost always has an answer of who is to blame but himself. Sorry not sorry.
  9. B> ::Die Pin

    Yer soft
  10. B> ::Die Pin

    1. This server wouldn’t even be around if people didn’t donate numb nuts. 2. I donated with 07 gp so kick rocks
  11. RPKs

    bruh im dead
  12. B> ::Die Pin

    people are still buying these?
  13. LETS GO BIG!

    Not too many participants
  14. Armor Dyes

    Not a bad idea
  15. ShadyLemonFX Sigs & Requests

    No worries! Check your pm when you get a chance

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