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  1. Updated the bank pic, i think i got everything
  2. Alright so i basically lost everything in that picture lol. Defiantly needs updated. But don't worry!! i have made more after loosing all that in the picture. That's right, i lost all those items "expect the rares" and cash and rebuilt from the ground up... New picture tomorrow.. i will give everybody a teaser. I have made a lot since the last picture upload..
  3. Give or take, yeah lol.. That's if i grind hard for a week and swap everything.
  4. Still waiting on my 4k tokens from FP vs W was Taken scamming me saying "let me hold the cash for a video" using his youtuber rank to scam me for 2k tokens vs 2k tokens when i won 2P vs his 1P he logged.. Hasn't logged in since then
  5. Yeah a few more minigames would be nice. Maybe a 24/7 mystery box FFA, and winning earns you points for a FFA shop. However there must be 20+ people in the lobby before the FFA will start. More people, and longer the game goes on the more points people get.
  6. Missing somethings, but Duel arena has been good to me so far. Bank is a total mess and everything is like thrown around. Been a rough ride, but it's climbing
  7. Personally i wish the large currency was more in a flat price rather than half a mill.. Right now it's 2.5M, and when you look at for example 1823, you don't know the price off the top of your head.. If it was for example 1, or 2M Falt per token, than you could sit there and be like oh yeah that's 1823M, or 3,646M.
  8. Are you sure Bronze pink and green were all in the game at the same time?? I swear Bronze whip was taken out and replaced with a more noticeable whip because people were scamming them. Putting a barrows whip up, the quickly replacing it with the bronze whip since they were almost identical.
  9. When did they remove the bronze whip? Fuck if that was 2010 than i don't remember when i started playing NR originally. I do know that i was playing when Bronze whips were in the game, but were later replaced with either green, or pink whip.
  10. A pink whip? pink whips are newer lol.. Pink whip replaced the Bronze whip, or was that the green whip? i can't remember
  11. Those were the days though, NR was so much more simple back then. Plus you didn't have 90% of the player base running around with limes like you do now.. We have been running for over a week and now there's enough limes for everybody to have 1 or 2 limes a piece.
  12. Jacmob said that this was OP in NR, and WILL not be added into the game. Bolas are useless items really.
  13. wearing void at 1 deff and granite shields
  14. Back when you could wear void at 1 deff.. That was OP and i use to love pking in void as a pure.

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