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  1. v14 Release - July 1st, 2020

    Mfw when everything in the features list for the launch is complete but people are still thinking they're blank promises
  2. Wiki Updates | 25 June 2020

  3. v14 Release - July 1st, 2020

    Not quitting. Been here since October (9 months almost?). Be logical at least.
  4. Going to Rehab

    Wishing you peace. Take care.
  5. General Bug Fixes - The issue with the new Custom items being changed from using the Trade post or withdrawing has noted has now been fixed. - The issue with Slayer helms not working on Wilderness Slayer tasks has now been fixed. - The issue with the ability to autocast while simultaneously manually casting a spell has now been resolved. - Equipping another weapon will now reset one's autocasting. - The issue with a lot of special attacks hitting 1 above the max hit has now been fixed. - The godly dragonhides from PK Rewards Shop 1 now have 40 Defence & 70 Ranged requirements. - Adamant Gloves now has a 13 defence requirement; Pures should only be able to use up to Mithril now. - Diamond bolts now work properly. - Dragon halberd's special attack damage has now been corrected. - Equipping an Ahrim's set with the Amulet of the damned now provides auto-casting. - The Elite void sets now all work properly. - The issue with the Trident's attack not facing NPCs has now been resolved. - Improvements have been done to the ::renderself command. - The distance problems with crossbows with their attack styles (Long range vs Rapid) has now been resolved. - Opal bolts now have their effect added. Special Attack Changes - The Barrelchest anchor's special attack has been added. - The various Godsword special attacks have been rewritten. - The Abyssal dagger's special attack has been added. - The Dragon longsword's special attack has been corrected. - The Dragon mace's special attack has been corrected. - The Dragon dagger's special attack has been corrected. - The Dragon scimitar's special attack has received an accuracy boost. Magic Cape Changes - A right-click option for switching one's spellbook has now been added to the Magic cape. - The issue with the Magic cape having an option to switch to one's current spellbook has now been resolved. Miscellaneous - The Dragon crossbow has been added to Vorkath's drop table! Thanks everyone! - The Development Team: Andys1814, Optimum, Arham
  6. Hey Guys

    Moved this to the newly unlocked section
  7. Game Update 13.1.7 | 5 June 2020

    Sorry, I have added an announcement in Discord to clarify this.
  8. Combat-related Content Additions - Greater demons now area heal 1 prayer every 3 seconds. - OSRS Bolt effects have been added. - Dragon bolts and the following have been added: Dragon, Diamond, Onyx, Ruby; more to come in the future. - One no longer needs to wear boots to attack people. - God spells have been added with their full effects. - Magic cape special has been added. One may only use the effect 5 times per day. - Both Saradomin swords' special attacks have been added. - Armadyl crossbow range has been adjusted. - Tome of fire with fire spells has been implemented. Client Changes - Hitbox prioritization has been implemented. While attacking a player or NPC, the respective entity will be given priority through clicking. For example, if one's in combat with a player and a tree is blocking their way, the player will have priority and clicking will instigate an attack. - Camera zoom levels have been increased for further zooming. - ::renderself command implemented. When ::renderself is active one will not see their own character model. Rather, one will be able to see the person standing on one's self. Note: this affects only one's own client and does not provide "invisibility." Combat Bug Fixes - The Granite maul has had several fixes. It's mechanics are still not perfect, but are closer than before. - The Staff of the dead has been fixed and no longer sends the effect status has ended. - Using High alchemy on 0 stack items has been fixed. - Korasi's special has been fixed and rolls against the defender's Magic defence. It also now gives an XP drop of Magic. - Entangle cannot be cast on an opponent who is already frozen. - The bug where using a special attack would increase one's max hit by 50% while holding a Dragon warhammer in one's inventory is now fixed. - Wilderness resource area now reacts to keyboard input for the dialogue. - Both Scorpia entrances now work. - Magic potion no longer overrides Imbued heart - Special attack on dummies have been fixed. Some weapons were speccing a random hit. - Entangle/all binding spells will now not half the time when an opponent has prayer activated. - Vesta's longsword now rolls against 25% of the defender's defence. - Tick eating has been implemented. The priorities for foods, potions, and karambwans now follow OSRS. - Ancient wyvern shield now has a special attack In Regards to Easter Eggs -> Colored Santa hat & specs All Santa hat & specs have now been reverted back to Easter eggs. A Discord announcement was sent on this a couple of days ago: Miscellaneous - Primal boots now use an optimized model to prevent it from bugging out. - The Basket of eggs is now tradeable. - Guthix Completionist Cape now has 3 more Attack magic. - Chaotic crossbow now has 5 more Ranged strength. - Imbued Assembler Completionist Cape now has 6 less Strength. Thanks everyone! - The Development Team: Andys1814, Optimum, Arham
  9. Game Updates 13.1.6 | 31 May 2020

    It's completely randomized at an equal weight, there is no way to do that.
  10. Game Updates 13.1.6 | 31 May 2020

    What do you mean?
  11. New Customs System We have finally implemented a customs system for our supporters of Near-Reality. Every $600 spent you may claim an item in your corresponding tier. Read more here! Keep in mind if you have already claimed a custom in the past you do not get to claim another until you hit your next tier. You can access an interface showcasing the customs by doing ::customs. Combat Dummies - Added the Combat dummy NPCs to the home area once again and fixed several issues associated with them: Combat dummies are now immune to venom. They are now able to be attacked by multiple people at once, bypassing the single-combat zone constraint. Fixed issues causing the Combat dummies to face towards players when being attacked with Magic/Ranged. The dummies will not act as if they are objects, totally static. Combat dummies will no longer grant experience to those who attack them. In Regards to Scouts The wilderness bounty system no longer considers targets/assignments for players under combat level 50. This includes both receiving a target and being assigned as a target, and is added to combat PKP farming and players killing scouts for drops. New Rare Fragment Shop - The Small zombie monkey greegree, newly programmed into the game, has been added for 1,750 Rare fragment tokens. - The Large zombie monkey greegree, newly programmed into the game, has been added for 1,750 Rare fragment tokens. - The Giant crab pet, newly added to the game, has been added for 1,000 Rare fragment tokens. - The Cyclopean Helmet has been added for 400 Rare fragment tokens. - The Bomber jacket has been added for 200 Rare fragment tokens. - The Bomber hat has been added for 200 Rare fragment tokens. Miscellaneous - Arclight's accuracy bonus has been increased once again due to feedback on the item. I looked over and made some adjustments to Waterfiends, Pyrefiends, Icefiends, Abyssal Sire, some Revenant counterparts of the NPCs, and so on. I also added Nezikchenids to the table. - Baby blue dragons now count for slayer kills when on a Blue dragon task like initially intended. - Zuriel's staff (and it's degraded variant) can now autocast on the ancient spellbook. - Nezichened wildy task can now no longer be given if below 95 slayer. - The "Examine" text color now matches the item drop color. - Noted Rocktails have been added to the RDI shop instead of unnoted ones. - Autocast saving with staves has now been fixed. - Search results in the Trading post now indicate which "currency" the prices are displayed in (coins or tokens). Thanks everyone! - The Development Team: Andys1814, Optimum, Arham
  12. Killstreak reset

    That's interesting. I tested it myself when making the perks. I'll see. In regards to the implementation, sounds like Jacmob's alley. I just have discretion to fix what we have existing.
  13. Killstreak reset

    What do you mean?
  14. Arclight Mobs

    The following is a list of mobs that the Arclight works on. The list is subject to change at any time. Greater Demon Lesser Demon Black Demon Nechryael Abyssal Demon Demonic Gorilla Hellhound* (note that Cerberus is considered a Hellhound but not a demon) Icefiend Pyrefiend Waterfiend Revenant imp Revenant hellhound Revenant pyrefiend Revenant demon Abyssal Sire (Abyssal demon) K'ril Tsutsaroth (Greater demon) Balfrug Kreeyath (Black demon) Tstanon Karlak (Greater demon) Zakl'n Gritch (Lesser demon)
  15. This update is small. It will be followed by another larger update soon. Clients with version can still connect to the main game. Item Model Updates We've replaced a lot of armor and boots to have their OSRS components instead of their current looks. This should hopefully be fixing the continual problem we have been battling with funky character renders. The changes have been applied to Wizard boots, Dragon boots, Ranger Boots, Infinity Boots, HAM Boots, Climbing Boots, all colored boots from Fancy-Dress Shop owner, Leather Boots, all (Deg) gear, and all PVP weapons. Before: After: What a chad Item Stat Changes We're still on the hunt for item stat adjustments. - Primal gauntlets now have 2 less strength bonus. - Ganodermic Visor now has 2 less magic attack, 5 less defence stab, 5 less defence slash, and 5 less defence crush. - Ganodermic Leggings now has 14 less magic attack, 15 less magic defence, 15 less defence stab, 15 less defence slash, and 15 less defence crush. - Ganodermic Poncho now has 20 less defence stab, 9 less defence crush, and 10 less defence magic. Miscellaneous - Ammo moulds have been added to the Skill Tools shop for ironmen. The new rare fragment shop will be added with the update following this one very soon (not next week, earlier). Thanks everyone! - The Development Team: Andys1814, Optimum, Arham

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