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  1. Game Updates 13.1 | 26 March 2020

    "Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days"
  2. Fake Reality

    Yeah I do think so.
  3. Fake Reality

    I love you too
  4. PSA

    Friend, I'm afraid what you might be wrong. I'm sorry
  5. Fake Reality

    I don't think so to be honest.
  6. Fake Reality

    Thanks for the kind words hppe u get your dream of a big nr soon buddy
  7. Past-reality

    he's in jail bro
  8. Past-reality

    free el chap0
  9. For the love of god

    It says everything
  10. send hate mail to devs here

    finally somebody sent hate mail
  11. For the love of god Not my fault that you don't read discord/forums posts then ask for info
  12. The Chambers of Xeric

    The bugs that were reported in our Crab room and Thieving room tests have now all been fixed. Bugs reported: - Crabs were not changing color from Magic. - The stun message had a typo. - The Scavenger was still able to be clipped through when walking. - Psykk bats were not edible. After the fourth bug, I decided to go ahead and add filler definitions for all item bonuses we didn't have already marked in the OSRS cache. This way examining many miscellaneous items wouldn't return Dwarf remains. After that, I resolved some glaring issues with the ending rooms. There weren't many at all really. Lastly, I started quality assurance on the Resource room that has Hunter in it. I found the following issues: The hardest one, of course, is the clipping one. I already fixed all the south-east room problems. In researching the clipping issue, I found that the pathfinding was perfectly fine in the original map data, but is faulty in the copied map. Here's an example: In the map copy In the original map I'll probably investigate this sometime later.
  13. The Chambers of Xeric

    Will personally continue hopefully on Monday. Sorry for the absence of progress.

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