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  1. New Customs System We have finally implemented a customs system for our supporters of Near-Reality. Every $600 spent you may claim an item in your corresponding tier. Read more here! Keep in mind if you have already claimed a custom in the past you do not get to claim another until you hit your next tier. You can access an interface showcasing the customs by doing ::customs. Combat Dummies - Added the Combat dummy NPCs to the home area once again and fixed several issues associated with them: Combat dummies are now immune to venom. They are now able to be attacked by multiple people at once, bypassing the single-combat zone constraint. Fixed issues causing the Combat dummies to face towards players when being attacked with Magic/Ranged. The dummies will not act as if they are objects, totally static. Combat dummies will no longer grant experience to those who attack them. In Regards to Scouts The wilderness bounty system no longer considers targets/assignments for players under combat level 50. This includes both receiving a target and being assigned as a target, and is added to combat PKP farming and players killing scouts for drops. New Rare Fragment Shop - The Small zombie monkey greegree, newly programmed into the game, has been added for 1,750 Rare fragment tokens. - The Large zombie monkey greegree, newly programmed into the game, has been added for 1,750 Rare fragment tokens. - The Giant crab pet, newly added to the game, has been added for 1,000 Rare fragment tokens. - The Cyclopean Helmet has been added for 400 Rare fragment tokens. - The Bomber jacket has been added for 200 Rare fragment tokens. - The Bomber hat has been added for 200 Rare fragment tokens. Miscellaneous - Arclight's accuracy bonus has been increased once again due to feedback on the item. I looked over and made some adjustments to Waterfiends, Pyrefiends, Icefiends, Abyssal Sire, some Revenant counterparts of the NPCs, and so on. I also added Nezikchenids to the table. - Baby blue dragons now count for slayer kills when on a Blue dragon task like initially intended. - Zuriel's staff (and it's degraded variant) can now autocast on the ancient spellbook. - Nezichened wildy task can now no longer be given if below 95 slayer. - The "Examine" text color now matches the item drop color. - Noted Rocktails have been added to the RDI shop instead of unnoted ones. - Autocast saving with staves has now been fixed. - Search results in the Trading post now indicate which "currency" the prices are displayed in (coins or tokens).
  2. Game Updates 13.1.6 | 31 May 2020

    What do you mean?
  3. Arclight Mobs

    The following is a list of mobs that the Arclight works on. The list is subject to change at any time. Greater Demon Lesser Demon Black Demon Nechryael Abyssal Demon Demonic Gorilla Hellhound* (note that Cerberus is considered a Hellhound but not a demon) Icefiend Pyrefiend Waterfiend Revenant imp Revenant hellhound Revenant pyrefiend Revenant demon Abyssal Sire (Abyssal demon) K'ril Tsutsaroth (Greater demon) Balfrug Kreeyath (Black demon) Tstanon Karlak (Greater demon) Zakl'n Gritch (Lesser demon)
  4. Pathfinding Megathread

    Hello all, Please report all pathfinding errors you find on this thread so that we may have a centralized location for the issues. Pathfinding is an issue best analyzed through example. Thank you, Arham
  5. Killstreak reset

    That's interesting. I tested it myself when making the perks. I'll see. In regards to the implementation, sounds like Jacmob's alley. I just have discretion to fix what we have existing.
  6. Killstreak reset

    What do you mean?
  7. This update is small. It will be followed by another larger update soon. Clients with version can still connect to the main game. Item Model Updates We've replaced a lot of armor and boots to have their OSRS components instead of their current looks. This should hopefully be fixing the continual problem we have been battling with funky character renders. The changes have been applied to Wizard boots, Dragon boots, Ranger Boots, Infinity Boots, HAM Boots, Climbing Boots, all colored boots from Fancy-Dress Shop owner, Leather Boots, all (Deg) gear, and all PVP weapons. Before: After: What a chad Item Stat Changes We're still on the hunt for item stat adjustments. - Primal gauntlets now have 2 less strength bonus. - Ganodermic Visor now has 2 less magic attack, 5 less defence stab, 5 less defence slash, and 5 less defence crush. - Ganodermic Leggings now has 14 less magic attack, 15 less magic defence, 15 less defence stab, 15 less defence slash, and 15 less defence crush. - Ganodermic Poncho now has 20 less defence stab, 9 less defence crush, and 10 less defence magic. Miscellaneous - Ammo moulds have been added to the Skill Tools shop for ironmen. The new rare fragment shop will be added with the update following this one very soon (not next week, earlier).
  8. NPC Health Changes Over the past 24 hours we have done a lot of community outreach in terms of what bosses are overpowered due to the new combat engine and item bonus rewrites. The list below is all of the changes to the corresponding monster's HP level. There are some drastic changes, but we think they were needed to keep everything balanced. Shout out to @Mod Jacmob for this. N/C: No-changes Alchemical Hydra 1,000 -> 850 Abyssal Sire 400 -> 350 King Black Dragon 350 -> 240 Unholy Cursebearer 400 -> 300 Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz 650 - 350 Hope Devourer 750 -> 500 Bulwark Beast 500 -> 400 Corporal Beast N/C Tormented Demons N/C Bork 400 -> 350 Commander Zilyana 300 -> 255 K'ril Tsutsaroth 300 -> 255 Kree'arra 380 -> 255 General Graardor 300 -> 255 Kalphite Queen 355 -> 255 Nomad 1,000 -> 700 Luminescent Icefiend 400 -> 325 Scorpia 400 -> 200 Crazy Archaeologist 400 -> 225 Chaos Fanatic 400 -> 225 Ganodermic Beast 10,000 -> 5,000 Vet'ion 255 -> 185 Callisto 255 -> 200 Balance Elemental 350 -> 250 Venenatis N/C Cerberus 2,000 -> 600 Vorkath 750 -> 500 Zulrah 500 -> 400 Chaos Elemental 400 -> 250 Ice Queen 300 -> 250 Avatar of Creation 1,500 -> 750 Avatar of Destruction 1,500 -> 750 Bandos Avatar 25,000 -> 17,500 Slash Bash 750 -> 450 Phoenix 650 -> 450 Demonic Gorilla 400 -> 300 Kraken N/C Nezikchened 500 -> 400 Dagganoth Kings N/a Revenant Imp 15 -> 10 Revenant Goblin 80 -> 40 Revenant Pyrefiend 80 -> 60 Revenant Hobgoblin 95 - 80 Revenant Cyclops 250 -> 125 Revenant Hellhound 200 -> 150 Revenant Demon 350 -> 200 Revenant Ork 375 -> 250 Revenant Dark beast 450 - 300 Revenant Knight 500 -> 350 Revenant Dragon 600 -> 400 Giant Mole 300 -> 250 Armor/Weapon Effects It's been brought to our attention that Slayer helmets and Arclight effects mentioned in the last update were not being done. We looked into this and made changes accordingly. Slayer helmet effects should now work in Slayer tasks only. Arclight should be very well in damage now. Various Client-sided changes Due to some mishaps, some of our client changes never made it! This has now been resolved. - Make D Def, Elite Void top, Guthix/Sara/Zammy halos to OSRS - Fixed female flameburst def - Fixed female amulets - Fixed left click clan member being a square - Removed the broken sound slider - Fixed scrolling issues in various interfaces. Miscellaneous - Boost the Brimstone ring bonuses. - Fix Elite void's effect not working (this was applied last night). - Primal/Promethium armor/weapons have had their stats adjusted (this was applied last night). - Nex armors have had their stats adjusted (this was applied last night). - Fix the issue where fake Coins drops were being given by the Legendary Mystery Box. - Slayer helmets are now kept on death. They may be bought back for 10M GP. - Revenant dragons have had their animations fixed. - Torment/Anguish prayers may now no longer be stacked with Leech prayers. The last batch of the discontinued customs have been added.
  9. As stated in update 13.1.5, we're on the look for how to balance the PvM aspect of the game with the new item bonuses vs. the unchanged bosses (including the fixing of our Max Hit and Accuracy formulas). This thread is now made in a response to allow the community to suggest boss mobs that are significantly increased in difficulty following this update. Please drop boss names below and state the problems with it.
  10. I'm getting tired of bad looking animations for basic NPCs like Jellies. So, here's a thread to report any NPCs you find to have bad looking animations. Please specify if it is an attack, a defense, or death animation. If it's a special attack animation, please state that.
  11. Scuffed NPC Animations Megathread

    Lol I just realized this was in the wrong section. Here you go fellas.
  12. New Store Additions New Gilded cosmetics have been added to the store! - The Golden scarf has been added for 500 credits. - The Golden briefcase has been added for 500 credits. - Golden spectacles have been added for 500 credits. - The Golden top hat has been added for 750 credits. - Golden ale of the gods has been added for 750 credits. - Golden halo has been added for 750 credits. - Golden trident has been added for 1,000 credits. Prayer Changes - Leech Magic may not be performed with Torment - Leech Ranged may not be performed with Anguish - Bonus adjustments of Turmoil, Torment, and Anguish Turmoil Attack increase by 20% Strength increase by 25% Defence increase by 20% Anguish Ranged strength by 25% Ranged attack by 20% Defence increase by 20% Torment Magic attack by 27% Magic strength NONE Magic defense by 20% Defence by 20% Miscellaneous - Very minor adjustments to Zuriel's armor stats. - Very minor adjustments to Virtus' armor stats. - Small adjustments to Goliath gloves - Some bonus buffs to the Max cape. Sorry about the website issues yesterday. This should have the discontinued custom requests.
  13. GIM point system change?

    That defeats the whole purpose of "seasons." I'm sorry, I don't think this would be implemented. A more proper suggestion would be to propose that XP still count towards a season even if one has 2B exp in a skill (non-combat only). Not sure if that is the case already.
  14. Game Updates | 15 May 2020

    Oh thanks lmfao
  15. Combat Dummy

    To add to the above response: at Edgeville.
  16. Game Updates | 14 May 2020

    We'll look into it. This update brings back some old combat features (which means that the DPS should be higher in PvM).
  17. PVM Combat & Slayer Helmets

    This was stated in the update thread. There was even a suggestions thread made in regards to this. This has been the rhetoric ever since the update went out.
  18. New Combat System "Dude, Near-Reality's Combat is wayyyy different, wtf?" - Some guy The past week has seen a lot of changes to combat. We hired Optimum, a freelance developer, to completely rewrite our current combat system into a new beast. We're talking fully accurate OSRS formulas, all that jazz. Let's check it out: Oh the joy of an AGS KOing your opponent as you gracefully fly! ...too bad Optimum never felt that in this picture. New Combat Formulas Optimum reworked the formulas for Max Hit and Accuracy. According to the staff team (we organized a large test for it), Defence actually feels like a thing now. There's no really clear way to elaborate this, so we might as well just show a photo with percentiles being shown. Item Bonuses If we're going to use RS formulas, we need RS item bonuses to have accurate calculations. @Mod Jacmob spent many, many hours going through and fixing a lot of Pre-EOC and OSRS item bonuses. I made a program to convert a lot of OSRS item bonuses to match our format. Team effort, yay! In the end, our item bonuses now match RuneScape, at least to the best of our ability. We did modifications to a total of over 3,000 items. What this means, however, is that PvM may also see a change. If we see big changes that make certain PvM too hard, we will release an quick patch this week for them instead of waiting for the next week. New Prayers Anguish and Torment prayers are now added! You can see them in the Curses interface. Here's information about the curses prayers: Turmoil Attack increase by 26% Strength increase by 27% Defence increase by 20% Anguish Ranged attack by 25% Ranged strength by 25% Defence increase by 20% Torment Magic attack by 25% Magic strength by 25% Defence by 20% Shout out to @Mod Jacmob for the nicely made custom icons he made! In Regards to Death Dotting The current issue some players have is that when they are fighting someone, and they have a problem with someone else, out of spite, that person will Death Dot on the fight, making it difficult to click on the opponent, but in OSRS, regardless whether 10 people Death Dot on your fight or not, the person you are in combat with, will always be at the top. This issue is now resolved. Andy has fixed the entity "death dotting" issue that has been problematic especially in PvP scenarios. This was caused by the client's drawing of entities, which does not prioritize ones that players are interacting with (following, talking to, attacking, etc.). This will be the start of us visiting PvP and addressing some of the largest concerns. All-in-all, the OSRS method is now in place. Slayer Helmet Changes All variants of the Slayer Helmet are now modified to only work on task like initially intended, preventing these items from being overpowered in all PvM scenarios. Client-sided Changes We have hired a client developer to take care of a plethora of client-sided issues we have had, including FPS lags and what not. We developers have also been doing some Client-sided changes ourselves. - The client has been optimized a bit more to provide better FPS gameplay. You may recall we did this by releasing a client titled "v13." This is those exact changes (and some more done). We are still looking for input on these changes! - Make the zoom in feature work more like OSRS. - Pre-EOC to OSRS Models (again): We have changed the models for Dragon defenders, Elite void, godly halos, and Glaiven/Ragefire/Steadfast boots to be OSRS modeled components. Hopefully this leads to less funky character models. Miscellaneous - Nex now drops items for only the top 5 damage dealers, at maximum. It was previously random among all players that did damage during the fight. - Corporeal Beast now drops items for only the top 4 damage dealers, at maximum. It was previously random among all players that did greater than 200 damage during the fight. - The Trading post is now back in the home area, which can be found in the Edgeville bank. To make room for this, we also relocated Gaius to inside the gates of house to the west of the bank. - Players are now able to smith Cannonballs using an Ammo mould and Steel bars. To do so, players can simply left-click on a furnace with an Ammo mould and Steel bars in their inventory. - The Equipment tab now displays text that is more descriptive in regards to item bonuses.We have rearranged the "Other bonuses" section of the equipment interface to more closely resemble OSRS. - Added the ability for players to toggle dangerous teleport warnings within the dialogue interface before teleporting. - Players can now simply left-click an Anvil to open the Smithing interface. To disambiguate between bars, it will chose the first bar found in the inventory and display the interface for it. - Increased Ironman Mode experience rates for Cooking and Fletching by roughly 20% each. - Removed several server-wide drop announcements: Dark bows, Abyssal whips, and Mages' Books. - Autocast saving for the last staff you had on, saves when swapping weapons, removing weapon, logging out etc. - Several issues with the Arclight have been fixed: The weapon's accuracy has been buffed by roughly 25%. The attack speed is roughly 4 ticks now instead of 5. The item's protect value has been corrected to 10 million gp. Added remaining NPCs to the Arclight effect (For example, Revenants, Bloodvelds, and the Abyssal Sire). - Added an entry to the quest tab for displaying the current "server time." For reference, this uses the US/Eastern time zone, and we will use this make in-game events easier to schedule. - The High alchemy spell has now been slowed down to have a 5 tick cooldown (just like OSRS). - Increased the in-game value of the Toxic Blowpipe from 3M to 9M gp. - Fixed the Black tourmaline core drop from General Graardor, which should no longer announce as "Dwarf remains." Anything in regards to customs: We will be adding some customs in the aforementioned patch this week.
  19. Combat Megathread

    Hello all, Please report issues with combat you find on this thread. Like, too accurate? Not accurate enough? Too high damage? "Does defence even exist?" with example. Etc. Thanks, Arham
  20. Game Updates 13.1.5 | 13 May 2020

    They will continue to be how they were before this update. We're open to feedback though. We'll be doing some more progress on combat the next week.
  21. New Client Features - Drops are now color coded! To do this, what we did was take the Trading Post data, looked through everyone's history, and then came up with a color based on the average of an item's value. Don't like the color? We actually made it a little customizable. The concept is a lot like mods for games. You can even define your own colors! Click here to get to the thread explaining how to change the colors file. - The bank interface has been revamped a bit. Check it out: We also did some QoL updates in regards to banking, such as saving your settings for your Rearrange mode and interfaces closing properly when the bank interface is closed. An update on 1/15 Drops Last update, we made drops less than or equal to 1/15 rate become properly 1/15 drop rates. However, it doesn't seem our playerbase nor our NPCs were quite ready for such a drastic change. A lot of monsters started becoming a bit ridiculously dry. So, we have came up with a compromise. Here are the rules outlining the compromise: - All monsters that drop items greater than 1/15 will continue to act as they did before last update. That is, now NPCs like Bork will drop items every single time they die, like they used to. - All monsters that drop items where all items are less than or equal to 1/15 rate will continue to have the proper drop rates. That is, Dwarves (an NPC with only 1/10 drop rate of White berries) will continue to drop them at a 1/10 rate, not every single kill. New Title Scroll We have added the Title Scroll, a scroll that allows users to add custom titles, overriding the standard ones obtained from the Loyalty Progamme. Once once claims the scroll, use it on Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park! The Title scroll has been added to the online store for 200 Credits. New Boxes We have revamped the Legendary Mystery Box and have added a new box: the PVP Tourny Box. - With the new Legendary box we have added new Party hats, 4th age and Ale of the gods! - The new PVP Tourny Box will be the new prize of our daily tournaments and will give you everything you need to jump into PKing in the wild! We have wiki pages made for both of them: - PVP Tourny Box: - Legendary mystery box: New Rare Fragment Shop - The Omni-talisman staff has been added for 750 Rare fragment tokens. - Fancy boots have been added for 250 Rare fragment tokens. - The Kruk monkey greegree has been added for 1,750 Rare fragment tokens. New Items - Arclight has been added to the game. It can be bought for 1,000 Slayer points. Arclight features an enhanced passive effect in addition to modest improvements in attack bonus and speed. Arclight provides a 80% increase in accuracy and damage when used against demonic creatures (this also includes Bloodvelds, all Fiends, and Revenants (Imp, Hellhound, Pyrefiend, Demon). - We are also introducing another formidable item into the game, the Guardian Boots. These boots are primarily used as tank boots, but unlike OSRS it has improved strength bonus, this makes them much more powerful than the current Primal boots. You can obtain these boots by receiving the Black Tourmaline Core from the General Graardor drop table at a rate in 1/500. You must combine the core with Bandos Boots to create the Guardian Boots. Raids Updates After a while, the lobby system is now almost complete. The entire system is stored in the cloud so that we can make this whole party portion much more synchronized in data. All the preferences and what not update in live time. Even the search function works, with strings "containing," not just "equaling" it! Ignore my buggy armor. I was testing some stuff.
  22. With update 13.1.4, item drops are now highlighted! You may see in the thread that we based these colors based on transactions in the Trade Post. But, we may have missed something and/or you may not agree with a color. In that case, we've also added a game-mod-like system to change the item colors manually! How to get to the item colors configuration file To get to the item colors file, you will need to navigate to the cache. To do that, do the following instructions: - Windows Open your Command prompt. You can do this by clicking the start menu and searching for cmd. In the black box, type the following: start %USER_HOME%/.near-reality If the above step doesn't work, manually go to the folder, which is at C:/Users/<your user>/.near-reality. If it did work, a file explorer window should open up. Now, you will see an itemColors.yml file. Open this with Notepad. You have now opened the item colors configuration file. - Mac OS Open your Terminal. You can do this by clicking the Search button at the top right and typing Terminal. In the window, type the following: open $USER_HOME/.near-reality If the above step doesn't work, manually go to the folder. You can reach it by opening Finder and click View -> Home, then finding the .near-reality folder. If it did work, the Finder window should open up. Now, you will see an itemColors.yml file. Open this with TextEdit. You have not opened the item colors configuration file. How to modify an existing Item Okay, Arham, this looks kinda weird. I don't like the fact that Dragon sq shield is blue. I want to make it purple. How do I do that? Locate the item you want to modify using CTRL/Command + F. We provided item names to make this easier for you. You will see something like this: The 62ADF2 is the HEX color for Dragon sq shields. We would change the color to Pink by changing 62ADF2 to 8B00FF How to delete an existing item Let's say I don't care for a Cosmic talisman drop. To remove it: Locate the item you want to delete using CTRL/Command + F. We provided item names to make this easier for you. Each dash indicates a new item. So, just delete the item starting from the dash above the item name till the dash below the item name. How to add a new item Wait! There is no Cabbage! Let's say I wish to add Cabbage to the items list. Lucky for you, I have dumped every single item in this format to make it as easy as copy and paste for you. Just view the file by clicking Download on this link (it won't actually download it) here. Locate the item you want to add using CTRL/Command + F in this file. It may be a little bit laggy; that's just because it's a big file. You will see something like this: Select it all, copy it. Next, scroll to the bottom of the itemColors.yml file in your cache. Then, paste what you copied. Next, replace the hex with your desired color hex. The fastest way is to just Google it. So, for example, if I want Forest green. So I would copy the 228B22 and replace the ADD COLOR HEX HERE with it. Make sure you keep the quotation marks. What are the standard hex colors? The following is the color codes we use, if you like to stick to uniformity: Pink: FF7EA8 Orange: F89A08 Purple: 8B00FF Blue: 62ADF2 How do I see my changes? There are two ways. Reload the client. Do the following command in game: ::reload item colors Cheers!
  23. Customize your item drops colors!

    You can add them the same way as I did in my Cabbage example.
  24. This is a small patch that does not increment the patch number. - Fix a problem relating to multiple placeholders. Multiple placeholders are now merged to be one. - Make it so items below 1/15 rate for some monsters to stop being guaranteed drops. For example, Dwarves drop White berries at a rate of 1/10, but it always dropped it. With this update, Dwarves will now drop them at a proper 1/10 rate. - Replace Ground mud rune drops from Dust devils and Ghosts to now be Mud runes. - Mud runes can now be grinned into Ground mud runes using a Pestle and Mortar. - Add Hobgoblins in training area to Hobgoblin drop table. - Grizzly bear is now 21 health. - Jelly is now 75 health. - Dwarf is now 16 health. - Black unicorn is now 29 health.
  25. Thanks to the nrwiki team!

    i try to do some wiki too Nowhere near the other Wiki team members.

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