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  1. IRONMAN IS NOW WAYYY DIFFERENT Prepare for the grind... We have a new Ironman mode and have greatly increased the grind in the existing Ironman modes. We've modified them so much to make it such a grind, we'd find it unfair to allow those accounts to be in the same group at this new breed of Ironman. So, let's get this out the way: The following changes do not affect existing Ironmen. Existing Ironmen, however, will become Legacy Ironmen, and thus will have all their restrictions still in place, but not receive the new Ironman mode changes. Cool little badges to show off you are, in fact, an OG! Now that all that is cleared up, let's get to the meat of this all: The super duper Ironman changes: ALL OF THE FOLLOWING ONLY APPLY TO THE *NEW* IRONMAN MODES - Drop rate increase of 15%. - Combat XP for Ironman is x100 OSRS. - Selling to the store is now 75% less effective (same with high alch/low alch). - Daily task XP nerfed. - Many in-game shops have become restricted, and re-hauled to bring more of a challenge. - Antique and Dragonkin lamps nerfed. - RFD Gloves, Rockcake prices have all been decreased. - House price, construction supply prices, and plank making prices have all been decreased. - Various secondary and herb drops have been added to drop tables (more will be added this Tuesday). Add 10 Uncut sapphire at 1/10 chance from Lesser demons Add 10 Uncut ruby at 1/10 chance from Greater demons Add 3 Red spiders' eggs at 1/5, 10 Uncut dragonstone at 1/15, 8 Uncut diamonds at 1/10 chance from Abyssal demon Add 3 Snape grass at 1/5 chance from Nechryaels Add 50 Diamond bolts (e) at 1/50 chance from Lesser demons Add 50 Dragonstone bolts (e) at 1/50 chance from Mithril dragons Add Rune crossbow at 1/25 chance from Aviansies Add Rune hatchet at 1/10 chance from Hill Giants and Moss Giants Add Dragon scimitar at 1/25 chance from Monkey Guards - SOME online store items have been restricted. - PKing Achievements are completed by default. If one de-irons, one will still have to accomplish these achievements. If you got kills as an Ironman, they will count when you de-iron. Your Completionist cape will be removed from your account if you de-iron your account. - Pure Essence can be mined by teleporting to the Rune Essence mines via Aubury at Edgeville home. - You can now fletch crossbows. Get metal bars (Bronze, Iron, etc.), a Hammer, use anvil, make *limbs* Get a type of wood, a Knife, use Knife on log, select the stocks to make *stocks* Use limb on stock to create *Crossbow (unstrung)* Kill a Cow, use meat on Fire/Range (I know in OSRS it's only Ranges, I quite frankly don't care), select *Sinew* Go to Crafting location, click Spinning wheel, select Crossbow string to make *Crossbow string* Use Crossbow string on Unstrung crossbow to make a *Crossbow* - You can now create bolts (unf), and fletch them into their respective bolts. Get metal bars (Bronze, Iron, etc.), a Hammer, use anvil, make *bolts (unf)* Get feathers, use feathers on bolts (unf) to make *bolts*. Get a cut gem, get Chisel, use Chisel on gem, select the bolt tips. Use bolt tips on bolts to make *gem bolts*. Use Enchant Crossbow Bolt spell on the bolts, the spell will tell you the runes you are missing. Use the spell to make *gem bolts (e)* - You can now create gemstone bolts, and enchant them. - New starter for Ironman modes There are new XP rates for ONLY these new Ironman modes: - Thieving - 70% reduction - Runecrafting - 50% reduction - Construction - 25% Reduction - Agility - 50% Reduction - Herblore - 50% Reduction - Crafting - 40% Reduction - Fletching - 75% Reduction - Slayer - 50% Reduction - Hunter - 70% Reduction - Mining - 60% Reduction - Smithing - 40% Reduction - Fishing - 40% Reduction - Cooking - 90% Reduction - Firemaking - 80% Reduction - Woodcutting - 50% Reduction - Farming - 50% Reduction - Prayer - 80% Reduction HARDCORE IRONMAN MODE Lol, don't sleep on the Hardcore Ironman mode. If you die in Hardcore ironman mode, you become a Regular Ironman. Teleports for minigames will inform you if the minigame is safe or not. Please feel free to suggest more clarifications for locations. If it is not stated as safe, assume it is dangerous. Anyways, don't die, or else the server will call you out on it (only if your Total level is above 1,000): Lol imagine failing at Agility and dying. Ironman Competitions Just in case you aren't reading the news, the new Ironman modes have a competition. First maxed Ironman: 100m OSRS or RDI Second maxed Ironman: 50m OSRS Third Maxed Ironman: 25m OSRS First maxed Ultimate Ironman: 250m OSRS or RDI Second maxed Ultimate Ironman: 75m OSRS Third Maxed Ultimate Ironman: 50m OSRS First maxed Hardcore Ironman: 300m OSRS or RDI Second maxed Hardcore Ironman: 100m OSRS Third Maxed Hardcore Ironman: 50m OSRS Discord Rich presence Show that you're playing Near-Reality on your Discord! If your game activity is on, it will now show to everyone that you are. Maybe tell your squad to pull up? I'll make this cooler soon. Like, if you're in LMS or something it would say how many kills you have. Idk. I still have to think about what to add. Feel free to suggest. New Rare Fragment Shop And, of course, we can't forget about the Rare Fragment shop. This week's theme is the Coronavirus. - The N95 face mask has been added for 150 Rare fragment tokens. - Mourner cloak has been added for 150 Rare fragment tokens. - Mourner top has been added for 150 Rare fragment tokens. - Mourner trousers have been added for 150 Rare fragment tokens. - Mourner gloves have been added for 100 Rare fragment tokens. - Mourner boots have been added for 100 Rare fragment tokens. - Gilded spade has been added for 1,000 Rare fragment tokens. Also, I think we found the cause of the Coronavirus... Miscellaneous - All Larran's chest achievements have been removed. - The new Prayer drain rates for PvP have been reverted until further notice. - Larran's chest has been reduced back to 1/30 chance instead of 1/50 chance. - Make Kill streak rewards drop on the ground if you don't have enough inventory space instead of going to the bank. - A lot of changes to our administrative side of things (::smite and ::givepoints commands) Thanks everyone! - Arham
  2. Game Updates 13.1 | 26 March 2020

    "Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days"
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    Yeah I do think so.
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    Friend, I'm afraid what you might be wrong. I'm sorry
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    I don't think so to be honest.
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    Thanks for the kind words hppe u get your dream of a big nr soon buddy
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    he's in jail bro
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    free el chap0
  10. The Chambers of Xeric

    The Story Behind the Development of the Chambers of Xeric On November 7th, 2019, the first commit for the Chambers of Xeric was committed. The message? "Started the system that is in charge of supporting dynamic map content." - by @Juan. Since then, Raids has grown to be a codebase of over 15,000 lines of code. 15,000! And that number continues to grow each day. For some perspective: the server itself (not the login server or update server) is over 112,000 lines of code. That means 1/8th of the code-base is Raids! From early November till the end of December, Juan diligently worked on raids. In this short timespan, he managed to make the basic skeleton and functionality for the Vasa Nistirio, Vanguards, Skeletal Mystics, Tekton, Muttadile bosses, as well as the Creature Keeper, Guardians, and Tightrope puzzles. However, unfortunately, we must strongly underline "basic skeleton and functionality." Nearly each of these rooms turned out to be not quite on par, and have since had to be modified one way or the other. Since late December, the development of Raids has been very, very bumpy. With Juan having to part ways with us, the server only had me as the developer. With the pressure of weekly updates, I could not simply just abandon the live game in an effort to make Raids updates. After all, the lack of weekly updates was what was said to be the symptom for the downfall of Near-Reality. I didn't wish to make such symptoms present to the outside world. From late December till April, we continually faced ourselves with the same problem over and over again: hire a developer, the developer does not do much, we part ways with the developer. This cycle continued on for over 7 developers. Honestly, it's quite a tiring process. In that time span, despite hiring 7 developers, the only progress we got was the interface for the Raids parties (just the interface, the functionality ended up having to be rewritten) and Raids potion-making (which was buggy but nonetheless worked at a satisfactory level). In April, we hired @Andys1814. After an initial task of the Raids point system, we moved Andy over to the main game. With somebody finally working on the main game. I was able to continue work on Raids. It was in this time I managed to make the party system working. After that, however, the main server started losing stability. There were bugs left and right and the only person that was immediately around to take care of them was myself. So, I had to tend to the main server. In May, we hired @optidad, who has proven to be an essential developer in our push for Near-Reality. With Optimum's first task being the rewriting of Combat, I was confident in leaving the main server progress in Optimum's hand and taking Raids back in my hands, splitting the workload with Andy. I returned to Raids and fixed the bugs with my party system. Then, I started a spree working on the Great Olm while Andy did general quality assurance. In about 2 weeks, I finished the Great Olm. Meanwhile, the "quality assurance" wasn't all that great in terms of progress. Enter mid-June, I did a lot of visual improvements to raids. Allowed raids to look more coherent and complete. In my venture, I found some breaking issues that had still not been taken care of, such as how clipping behaved with respect to room rotations. We also didn't have a map that existed that was connected. What started as visual improvements turned to be behemoth of tasks, and we ended up delaying the launch from June 27th. There were many all-nighters spent by myself, with over 40 hours of work in 2 days being done in multiple instances. But issue after issue, I started to realize the faults in other developers attempts and having to fix them on top of my already long list of tasks. Enter July, after another 40-hour all-nighter, Raids was just not ready. I was really exhausted, to be honest, but unfortunately, after many, many efforts, we were unable to deliver to you, the community. I apologize for that. Raids Progress Not every developer logs their progress. Yes, it is a nuisance, for both you the players, and I as the development lead, but such is the development world. This is my personal progress as just a sole developer. Please note: In the frenzy of development, some progress may not be logged entirely. Especially when I myself had many all-nighters spent. A lot of features would be worked concurrently and aren't definitively logged. July 27: The final bugs after beta testing the Creature keeper and Crabs puzzle rooms have been crushed. After that, some research began on quality assuring the Hunter Resource area. July 9: The Creature keeper room has been quality assured! July 8: Optimum worked on the Tightrope puzzle. He found some bigger issues related to Ranged combat. He made a whole row of NPCs to test it out: I hope we can see some larger progress on that end soon. July 7: The Crabs puzzle room has been quality assured. June 30: The rewards interface was remade to match OSRS more. The rewards now display after killing the Great Olm. Optimum programmed some reward item functionality (others were already present), such as the Dragon hunter crossbow. I had to program some too. All the missing raids data from before in June 28 had NPCs populated. Various bugs in all rooms were fixed, such as the Crabs room (it was pretty much incompletable lol), the Tightrope room (a certain tile caused you to just no-clip to the other room). Vasa Nistirio was attempted to be fixed for a while, but in the end, all that was accomplished was the correction of mechanics and not the major pathing problems present. The restrictions on Pre-EOC items was programmed in. This was made by restricting all item IDs from 11,673 till 30,000 and making exceptions for certain cases. The customs were done interestingly, taking the client's hardcoded item definitions and translating that code to be part of the data set. There was also a command added to allow the reloadability of this data file of exceptions in item IDs, just in case we accidentally made an item that is supposed to be allowed as not allowed in raids. It would be stupid to make a server restart each time we found an exception to the rule. June 29: The drop tables for Raids was finalized. Other mechanics such as points being deducted on death were performed. The building of Storage units was complete. June 28: All rooms data was added. Certain rooms data were still not present in the codebase. Later, an issue was found in regards to map rotations. The clipping was still maintaining the original direction's rotations rather than respecting the rotation of the room. After staying up for 20 hours straight, this issue was resolved. After about 4 hours of sleep, I continued working and made a level system in Raids, with points in the map marked as spawning points and whatnot, and the ability to transform your z coordinate and changes happening on your new height and death positions. Progress by the end of the (very productive) day: June 27: Clipping and pathfinding had major changes done, albeit they are sort of cheap changes. Essentially, the server was determining an incorrect path diagonally when it, in fact, could not go diagonally. There was a correction done to explore the decomposed directions to try to fix this. Ignore the "client" bits, I meant server. June 25: Problems with projectiles shooting through walls were fixed. Projectile "shootability" (the code's words, not mine, xD) was being copied from the original map, sure, but was not being applied in dynamic map calculations. June 24: A new interconnected map was made instead of the test map that was not connected. June 23: Add the death mechanic to Raids. Before we were just taking users to Edgeville as we were just developers with unlimited HP and forgot death was a thing. A variety of bug fixes were employed, such as only smash attack style being able to be used on Guardians or confirmation dialogue QoL improvements. June 22: Ran into problems with Raids potions. Now they work. Also, the head turning mechanic on the Great Olm was improved. This day marked the first day of Raids testing. June 19: Added hand regeneration for the final phase of Olm. June 17: Added the Crystals falling in between phases. Note that since then they were changed to actually be rotated in different angles. June 12: Added the Crystal bombs attack and the Falling crystals attack. June 11: The force-movement packet was finally figured out, so we can do the effects such as force moving a character to the side if they are hit from a Crystal burst, or from a Fire wall projectile. June 10: The Great Olm's Deep Burn attack has been added. Also, the Fire Wall attack has been added. Deep burn: Fire wall: June 09: The Acid spray attack has been added, as well as a Phase system. Also, the chances for each attack has been corrected in accordance to YouTube videos as sources. Acid spray: Chances: June 08: The portal attack has been added to the Great Olm. While alone: With another player: June 06: The Crystal burst move was added to the Great Olm. Also, the Lightning move was added. Note: It does it at such a fast speed (like you saw two lightning sessions happening at once) for testing purposes, the proper Burst -> Lightning -> Swap mechanic works Crystal burst: Lightning move: June 05: All normal attacks complete (regular attack and sphere attack). Note however: damage is not correct (because stats not done) and the poison thing is accidental cuz its marked poisonous in NPC defs. Also please note that the consistency of the spear has been amplified just for the sake of this video June 04: The Great Olm's attack cycle is complete. May 28: Progress on the Great Olm has begun. May 21: The Raids party system is now fully working with a new back-end put in place. The Purpose Behind this Development Blog In an effort of transparency, I would like to make the development blog a normal thing for major features from this point forward. The purpose of the development blog will be a hub for the development team to post live updates of the major feature when they are done. Each time the development team completes something related to raids, we will post the update here. So, raids.. l0c... I guess.... idk I'm tired of asking you, the development team, the loc of raids lol What the development team has opted to do is to make a long backlog of each room in Raids. Here's a visual: We take a QA (quality assurance) tab, drag it to development, then make individual issues for things we find and fix them. Optimum and I will be taking individual rooms, analyze where it is, boost it to a finished state, then move it on to testing. That individual room will then be tested, its bugs are taken care of, then it is marked as complete.
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  13. For the love of god Not my fault that you don't read discord/forums posts then ask for info
  14. The Chambers of Xeric

    The bugs that were reported in our Crab room and Thieving room tests have now all been fixed. Bugs reported: - Crabs were not changing color from Magic. - The stun message had a typo. - The Scavenger was still able to be clipped through when walking. - Psykk bats were not edible. After the fourth bug, I decided to go ahead and add filler definitions for all item bonuses we didn't have already marked in the OSRS cache. This way examining many miscellaneous items wouldn't return Dwarf remains. After that, I resolved some glaring issues with the ending rooms. There weren't many at all really. Lastly, I started quality assurance on the Resource room that has Hunter in it. I found the following issues: The hardest one, of course, is the clipping one. I already fixed all the south-east room problems. In researching the clipping issue, I found that the pathfinding was perfectly fine in the original map data, but is faulty in the copied map. Here's an example: In the map copy In the original map I'll probably investigate this sometime later.
  15. The Chambers of Xeric

    Will personally continue hopefully on Monday. Sorry for the absence of progress.
  16. send hate mail to devs here

    Cuz "glory days"
  17. v14 Release - July 1st, 2020

  18. New Rare Fragment Shop You guys know it been a bit rough for me lately. Sorry for this terrible delay on the rotations. - The Crate with Zanik has been added for 1,250 Rare fragment tokens. - The Hill giant club has been added for 1,000 Rare fragment tokens. - The Crier hat has been added for 400 Rare fragment tokens. - The Crier coat has been added for 400 Rare fragment tokens. - The Crier bell has been added for 200 Rare fragment tokens. Miscellaneous - The issue with Kree'ara is hopefully resolved. - Group ironman selection should now work for new accounts. - A new ladder has been added to the Deep Wilderness Dungeon. - Fix the ::discord link
  19. New Customs System We have finally implemented a customs system for our supporters of Near-Reality. Every $600 spent you may claim an item in your corresponding tier. Read more here! Keep in mind if you have already claimed a custom in the past you do not get to claim another until you hit your next tier. You can access an interface showcasing the customs by doing ::customs. Combat Dummies - Added the Combat dummy NPCs to the home area once again and fixed several issues associated with them: Combat dummies are now immune to venom. They are now able to be attacked by multiple people at once, bypassing the single-combat zone constraint. Fixed issues causing the Combat dummies to face towards players when being attacked with Magic/Ranged. The dummies will not act as if they are objects, totally static. Combat dummies will no longer grant experience to those who attack them. In Regards to Scouts The wilderness bounty system no longer considers targets/assignments for players under combat level 50. This includes both receiving a target and being assigned as a target, and is added to combat PKP farming and players killing scouts for drops. New Rare Fragment Shop - The Small zombie monkey greegree, newly programmed into the game, has been added for 1,750 Rare fragment tokens. - The Large zombie monkey greegree, newly programmed into the game, has been added for 1,750 Rare fragment tokens. - The Giant crab pet, newly added to the game, has been added for 1,000 Rare fragment tokens. - The Cyclopean Helmet has been added for 400 Rare fragment tokens. - The Bomber jacket has been added for 200 Rare fragment tokens. - The Bomber hat has been added for 200 Rare fragment tokens. Miscellaneous - Arclight's accuracy bonus has been increased once again due to feedback on the item. I looked over and made some adjustments to Waterfiends, Pyrefiends, Icefiends, Abyssal Sire, some Revenant counterparts of the NPCs, and so on. I also added Nezikchenids to the table. - Baby blue dragons now count for slayer kills when on a Blue dragon task like initially intended. - Zuriel's staff (and it's degraded variant) can now autocast on the ancient spellbook. - Nezichened wildy task can now no longer be given if below 95 slayer. - The "Examine" text color now matches the item drop color. - Noted Rocktails have been added to the RDI shop instead of unnoted ones. - Autocast saving with staves has now been fixed. - Search results in the Trading post now indicate which "currency" the prices are displayed in (coins or tokens). Thanks everyone! - The Development Team: Andys1814, Optimum, Arham
  20. The Chambers of Xeric

    Development is divided into branches. For example: The flow right now, for example, is: <- crabs test <- raids <- creature-keeper So we would fix some combat stuff in something, sort of like this: <- crabs test <- raids <- creature-keeper <- combat-fixes combat-fixes would merge to test, raids would rebase from test to get the combat changes, and then the crabs and creature-keeper branches (which probably won't exist at that time) would rebase from raids (if they need the combat changes. For example, both of those rooms don't need it, since they are puzzle rooms, but in the case its a boss, surely they would be rebased to be updated too). But that is a good point to think about. --- The Creature keeper room has been quality assured by myself! Optimum yesterday was working on quality assuring the Tightrope puzzle. He found some bigger issues related to Ranged combat itself, so I hope we can make some fast progress on that end.
  21. The Chambers of Xeric

    The apology for the complaining is not expected. Its a standard the community should hold the developers to. Too much leniency is not productive. What is productive with said strict standards is the community being responsive during these tough times in not too hostile tones when explanations, albeit really sad to admit, are given. (: --- The crabs' puzzle room has been quality assured! I really wish I could bring myself to find the GFX for when it actually reached the gem. It exists, but God knows what ID it is, lol.
  22. Game Updates | 6 July 2020

    This is a small but necessary update. It is so small that a version update was not warranted. - One cannot sell anything to Fat Tony anymore for PKP. There is an exception to this, and that is the Amulet of the Damned. - The Salve Amulet is now buyable from the Slayer shop for 1,000 Slayer points. The Salve amulet works on the following NPCs: Revenant imp Revenant Dark Beast Revenant Werewolf Revenant Knight Revenant Cyclops Revenant Hellhound Revenant Pyrefiend Revenant Hobgoblin Revenant Demon Revenant Dragon Revenant Ork Revenant Impling Revenant Goblin Vet'tion Skeleton Hellhound Greater Skeleton Hellhound Vorkath The Combat dummy may be used to test the maximum damage possible on one of the above NPCs. Obviously, this means if one attacks an NPC that is not from the above list, it will deal damage as if it is only using the stats from the amulet, not the amulet's effect. The effects of the Salve Amulet: Damage 16.67% increase in Melee damage 20% increase in Ranged damage 20% increase in Magic damage Accuracy 16.67% increase in Melee accuracy 20% increase in Ranged accuracy 20% increase in Magic accuracy The Salve amulet is not kept on death. - Right-clicking NPCs in the Wilderness will show you their Wilderness drop tables now. They were always rolling the Wilderness ones, it was just an issue with the examine mechanic. - The Alchemical Hydra has been fixed in its pathing.

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