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  1. Welcoming Ophion & Breakingdown

    Yesss can't wait for launch! Welcome to the team ophion and Breakingdown (:
  2. back at it

    Welcome back buddy hope to see u again soon (:
  3. why can't we play normal server?

    Patience young grasshopper, Like jase said tho we need to resolve some main issues before releasing
  4. Private Beta & Roadmap

    Poggerss can't wait! miss you all!
  5. The server's still down nobody can log in right now
  6. server

    Atleast we have each other
  7. lol a month later still?

    Sad times, take care peckie
  8. Things to do while NR is down

    Im back on that osrs grind for now for the time being (:
  9. Just POG

  10. Near-Reality Downtime

    Definetly for the best! Can’t wait to see everyone again on re launch (:
  11. Lets see them kill logs

    not trying to impress i was more interested in seeing the rest of the community's lol where's yours att
  12. Skilling Pet Benefits

    Most of the skilling pets are 1 in 5k
  13. Hi everyone! A lot of us have been part of the game for a long time and many have been playing since the beginning of the re release back in November and have been grinding like crazy ever since!! I've seen some pretty impressive killcounts of some players in game and it makes me so curious what everyones kill logs look like! I'll start! (: Some honorable mentions for this post: (doesnt show in kill log) Over 8.9k revanent impling kills Over 5k revenant pyrefiend kills
  14. How to avoid being PKed and safely wild PVM!

    Another good method is to lower your stats to pure stats and bring ancients, that way if someone does attack you or tb you can freeze them and run off (: be safe out there

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