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  1. Great update! Nice work everyone
  2. wowzaa

    Staff vs World II

    Staff team vs everybodyy
  3. Hell yeah lookin good (:
  4. Awesome progress very nice work everyone (:
  5. Lmaoo I totally would have supported this
  6. ayeee can't wait to see you all on release!! For everyone upset about eco reset, we're sorry you feel that way and we didn't want it to be this way at first, however after further investigation the eco way way too flooded and wouldn't be fair for new players joining our community. To be fair there was only 20-30 active before shut down and a flooded eco. So in order to welcome new players as well as our new content it only seemed most fitting to have a reset. Hope to see you all there on release (:
  7. Welcome back buddy hope to see u again soon (:
  8. Patience young grasshopper, Like jase said tho we need to resolve some main issues before releasing

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