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  1. Private Beta & Roadmap

    It's almost as if it takes time to find developers that want to assist on an RSPS that's several years old. The disagreeable element of there not being any updates is fair but they are not beholden to you and you can do other stuff (unless you're chained to a radiator, forced to play NR till you develop late stage cancer, in which case I would apologise and hope your chemo goes well), and personally I am [happily] surprised there has been any update at all - I thought the server was dead. Let's just hope there isn't much faffing about and the server is back online in time for next summer (for which we can all hope there is another pandemic).
  2. Near-Reality Downtime

    Haven't logged in for a few months anyway, but just checking in to say that I will be back when it relaunches; I would always give NR a chance, as is the case with most people i imagine -- just as long as it doesn't stray too far from its roots.
  3. Near-reality, the #1 scout pvp server

    I didn't even know pkers actively lower level to kill scouts -- but yeah, this - idea 3
  4. United Nations

  5. Ranged & Melee DPS Calculator

    Updated to add: - Goliaths & Swifts - Dragon Hunter Lance* *I should've added that the Monster Name text including 'dragon' will affect the damage, otherwise it will not. - Turmoil to affect Ranged - Ranged Rapid reducing attack interval tick by 1 (0.6 secs) Idk if anyone uses it, but if you do and notice any issues or anything missing, lmk please
  6. Forums suggestions!

    1. I can't comment on 3. Agree, of course, or perhaps something similar (out of order to annoy some people): 2. I would suggest that everyone got a notification whilst on the forums, which they can turn off -- as non-staff, I'm happy to help people and would happily have such a notification.
  7. Brawling Gloves; Other Skilling

    Bumping for a few reasons: 1. I'm one of the few players to be even remotely close to 2b slayer exp naturally and the only reason I log in is to do wildy slayer for lmbs for infernal cape 2. it's been 5 months since the last reset and only 2 people have 2b cape and they kept exp from before the reset............... 3. I have no reason to log in if you don't give me, and people like me, a reason to log in --- I enjoy pking a bit, I enjoy pvming a bit, but that is all. You need to give us a reason to log in, and a 2b xp cape is clearly a good incentive to log in -- you added this and included it in a Change Log, yet all it has been is a fellatio of your mates. This server, a few months on, still lacks achievements. And people in 2020 fucking love achievements, and even pre-2020 they want to have realistic things they can work towards -- not unrealistic things they can play 12+ months to get.....
  8. Game Updates | 24 April 2020

    Makes sense of course but only getting Frost Dragon Bones with the occasional ~100k drops is pretty meh -- might I suggest adding new 100% drops to mobs where this is the case? E.g. for Frost Dragon - 250 Water Runes Alternatively, modify the <=1/15 drops to be a bit more valuable -- e.g. for Frost Dragon - 7 Addy Bars increase to 21 Addy Bars
  9. suggest

    +1 mr digi
  10. Ranged & Melee DPS Calculator

    ahhhh i completely forgot about swifts/goliaths! i think it's because i dropped my goliaths and now they're dead to me -- will add them in when i can be bothered (when i get them again ) same for DHL implementing a dps calc in the client would be legit; half of it is already there with the ::maxhit command
  11. Ranged & Melee DPS Calculator

    Ranged/Melee DPS Calculator Decided to make a DPS calculator as I struggled to find a simple/decent one out there. There might be a few incorrect bits, primarily relating to potions, however, the primary reason I made it was to assist with comparing equipment, in which case there should be no issues. Link below: I didn't make it an editable file as it is probably preferable for people to download it and use it in that manner. If anyone does use it, I would appreciate if you let me know if there are any issues so I can fix them. NB: if anyone knows how to embed, or a mod can attach it, to a forum post that would be much preferable Updated 08/05/2020 - Goliaths & Swifts - Dragon Hunter Lance* *Monster Name text including 'dragon' will affect the damage, otherwise it will not. - Turmoil to affect Ranged - Ranged Rapid reducing attack interval tick by 1 (0.6 secs)
  12. Game Updates 13.1 | 26 March 2020

    Sick updates, Mr Arham. //// I'll find this out when i log in anyway but can non-ironmen also enchant bolts and fletch crosbows & bolts too? ETA: I created Runite Limbs, Wooden Stock, and Crossbow string but it doesn't do anything when I use any of them on each other
  13. Change Larran's key elite challenge to less

    just remove digi22 altogether /// The achievements really need a review and some changes imo; so many achievements just aren't congruent with the others in the designated category; some elite ones take less than an hour whilst others take several. Indeed, opening the chest 50x, if we assume each task takes 10 mins on average, at 1:50 dr, average 8 creatures per task, it would take 6.25 tasks per key (with no dr increase; I don't know if dr inc. box or row affect it(?)) *50 = 312.5 tasks which is 52 hours of game-play A tad over the top, especially with there being people who don't really pvm
  14. PRAYER!

    Yeah agree with this
  15. Game Updates | 19 March 2020

    Forgot to post on this follow-up thread; just want to say it is great to see such quick fixing! Again, really liking the recent updates and posts relating to the future of NR!

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