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  1. how do you even manage this bug, Ive only seen it happen once or twice.
  2. Eevees


    Welcome back
  3. Late reply sorry but Yeah I realized that after I posted it mb lol
  4. It was nerfed to about a 10% chance of happening I believe.
  5. Lime Whip - 75k PKP Lava Whip - 15K PKP Dragon Kiteshield - 20k PKP Wyvern Shield - 15k PKP Farseer Kiteshield - 5k PKP Armadyl Crossbow - 20k PKP Arcane Spirit Shield - 15K PKP Divine Spirit Shield - 30k PKP Elysian Spirit Shield - 25k PKP Spectral Spirit Shield -5k PKP Black Slayer Helm - 40k PKP Green Slayer Helm - 40k PKP Torture Amulet - 15k PKP Anguish Amulet - 17K PKP Red Slayer Helm - 150k PKP It's just mostly this, I feel like that's way too low of pkp + Slayer helms shouldn't be in the pkp shop
  6. Agree with majority of the post just some I don't.

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