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  1. xx chase


    I'll watch your videos but you have to give me a shotout in EVERY ONE of them.
  2. Well, not sure how many people remember me, to lazy to make a formal introduction but it's good to be home.
  3. It's been awhile since I've been here.

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    2. xx chase

      xx chase

      @Ruxus I had 200m exp in every single skill and I come back to find out there was a reset :P. I'm just going to forum whore now.

    3. Fatts


      ye come back and challenge my highscores pls chase :)

    4. xx chase

      xx chase

      Nah, To much work :)

  4. xx chase


    Welcome to Near Reality, If you need anything shoot me a pm
  5. I thought I would make a sort of in depth introduction about myself so you all can get a better understanding about me and what not. My name is Chase and I'm currently 18 years of age, I will be 19 on April 11th 2015 I am from Canada and live in the oh so loving province of Saskatchewan. I currently still live with my parents (Mom and Stepdad) As I'm raising a 6 month year old baby girl who I love so much. My parents weren't happy with the fact that the girl I got pregnant was kind of a sneaky women if you understand what I mean but none the less when we found out we were going to hav
  6. hiya m8 !!!!!!!!

  7. Welcome, If you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask me . I hope you enjoy your stay with us .
  8. hey yes ive cooled down.. i still think it was unfair that n7 stole my pk... but its fine i just want to be unmuted so i can use yell which is pretty much the only reason i donated for rdi :(... its been 2 days...i promise i wont even talk to n7.


    in game name-pked j0o

  9. Hello, please help me!

  10. Is it true that you quit? Or just a rumor?

  11. He is not an Advisor, Artur please remove the Advisor from your profie and your Administrator Avatar.


    He can not help you with your account issues or anything. Only people that are Staff will have a certain Crown beside their name to their Corresponding Rank.

  12. I only knew aviator was from canada nice to see another! lol. Gotta love when people are like wtf thanksgiving wasn't today!

  13. Hahah, Yeah man I am from Canada aswell.

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